Clare’s Hundred session

This workout today is both good and bad. Good because it’s 20min of cardio and toning, and you only do each exercise once. Bad because the numbers are ascending, meaning you do more reps for each new exercise until you’ve done a hundred… oh well! That is the name of our game, right?


The Hundred session takes 15-20min. Stop at 20min regardless of whether you have finished the hundred or not, and keep working at it until you can fit it in under 20min.

As per usual, any of these exercises can be modified for any injury or vulnerability! Also, if you have access to a powerplate, perform as much of the hundred session as possible on there.

  1. 10 x alternating sides twisty push up
  2. 20 x V sit roll down
  3. 30 x burpee with push up & jump
  4. 40 x step up planks (onto med. ball)
  5. 50 x alternating sides monster walk
  6. 60 x alternating sides lunge & hop
  7. 70 x alternating sides hover & twist
  8. 80 x squat, step back & flex
  9. 90 x high knees (running man)
  10. 100 x squat & press (thruster)


You can take breaks, but you do not move on until you have finished the set number of each exercise.

Good luck and go hard (and safe!)

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