Clare’s “Didn’t You Miss Me?” Session!

Clare returned to training today, looking after Jade’s clients while she is living the high life in Europe for 10 weeks.

To kick it off, we had a session like the old days – one that gets the joints moving, improves range of motion, gets the heart pumping, and strengthens multiple muscle groups all at once!

In this session you have 100 reps to complete in 30 minutes (alternating sides), but you can stop whenever you want, move onto the next exercise, and return to it over and over again until you’ve made the 100.



Lateral Lunge

Up & Down Dog. Pause with your hips dropped, and look at the roof

Up & Down Dog. Pause with your hips dropped, and look at the roof


2015-08-03 14.36.57

Hip lift – pulse the hips towards the roof as far as you can

2015-08-03 14.45.54

Scorpion hover – regular hover, stepping over the supporting leg

2015-08-03 14.36.09

Step through plank



These moves may may some of you a little uncomfortable, and in this case just move as far as you can. Your improved range will come with time and practice!

Welcome back Clare, I am sure everyone missed you, especially after this session!

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