The Clare Hozack & Jenny Burrell Story

For some, my affiliation with Burrell Education would have come as a surprise. I thought I would share a little bit about Jenny Burrell and how she and I ended up working together.

2016-08-03 10.34.40

Jenny’s office in West Sussex

Jenny was an accomplished PT and massage therapist in London,  with aspirations of building her own education company. She saw a huge gap in trainer education in the UK for evidence based pregnancy and past natal courses, and set about filling it. She was successful enough to infiltrate other countries, particularly US and Australia, and I happened to be present in her very first Australian course.

2016-08-04 14.35.40

Jenny demonstrating how to release the chest

I wanted to understand how to train a mum properly. It didn’t make sense to sit on balls and lift miniscule weights, because as soon as the baby is born the mum is lifting a decent weight, bending, carrying car seats, and more! My background was strength and conditioning and I understood that one has to train the person for the task, so why was this so different for mums?

2016-08-05 09.34.47

Recording new content for Power Plate Post Natal

Burrell Education was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stifling, fear mongering, and rigid world of pre and post natal education. Burrell education courses are about “mummy movements”; that is, training for the task of being a mum. They are also evidence based, and do not shy away from issues like incontinence and birth-injury – issues that we can solve in a lot of cases if we tackle them head on.

2016-08-05 11.19.10

Jenny and I working, creating, and playing

I attended every one of Jenny’s courses when she came to Australia, so we had a long standing acquaintance. Jenny then adopted her son Joel. Joel’s arrival meant that she wanted to stay home more, and certainly not travel as far as Australia! At the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit last year, Jenny asked me to run her Australia & New Zealand arm of Burrell Education. I didn’t have to think before saying yes!

Burrell Education’s Modern Pregnancy and Modern Post Natal Exercise courses are now part of Fitness Australia’s educational programs, and Clare will be delivering them state wide. Make sure you follow Burrell Education on instagram, twitter, and Facebook to stay abreast of our adventures!

2016-08-05 13.18.13

Jenny and Joel

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