Clare & Her Daughters Train at IntoYou

Clare started training at IntoYou because she had set herself a goal of running a half-marathon, and didn’t want to get injured. A few years later she became concerned about her eldest daughter’s confidence and posture, and so enrolled her in sessions too.

Alana bloomed, and inspired us to start IntoGIRLS. This is what Clare has to say:

Hi ladies,
I just thought I’d say a big thank you for being the kind of personal trainers everyone hopes to find! Your enthusiasm and commitment to helping me set and attain goals over the past few years has been fantastic and much appreciated. 
2015-10-27 16.49.55
Now my girls are experiencing the same personal interest and care at the Into-Girls sessions they attend twice a week. They say they feel more confident in their skins and love feeling strong and healthy. I love that they are learning such wonderful lifelong habits. 
Thanks again!
We are more than happy to show you what we can do for you and your daughters for free, simply contact the gym. It is our goal and mission to continue to deliver high quality training to whoever needs it!
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