Christmas Hours and Top Holiday Fitness Tips

Holey Moley Christmas came up quick this year! But we are organised! We hope to see you Dragon Boating with us at Bayview on Saturday 3rd Dec! If you can’t make it on the water, join us about 3pm for beer and wine and a few casual nibblies (bring a chair)!

We are OPEN and training as per usual right up until Xmas eve.

We will be CLOSED on MONDAY 26th Dec, and open reduced hours for the rest of that week, until 2nd Jan. Please discuss your plans with your trainer, so that we can get your sessions and payments in order as early as possible!

Over the Xmas period you have a few options:

  1. Cancel your payments and your session. We will need written notification, at least 24hrs in advance, but earlier is better if you know when you’re away already!
  2. Cancel your sessions but leave your payments to tick over. This means that we can make up your sessions in the new year, which is ideal if you think you might gain a little around the edges 😉
  3. Continue training as per usual, however you may need to reschedule if your session occurs on one of the days that we are closed. Please check with your trainer at your next session!

This time of year is always tricky for maintaining optimum health. While we certainly enjoy socialising and catching up with friends, it is also a time of relentless encouragement to drink alcohol and eat processed food. It is not always possible to avoid, and certainly we don’t always want to! But in the interests of being the best that we can be, these are my top tips for surviving the Xmas period in the best shape that you can manage:


  1. Eat Real Food: If the food wasn’t sourced in the state it’s in now, then it’s not real food. There are varying degrees of “realness” and the further removed from it’s original state, the less healthy it is for you. For example, raw apples are better than stewed apples. Stewed apples are better than apple sauce, and so on.
  2. Fill your plate with vegetables: Indulge in Xmas, enjoy it! Don’t restrict yourself from anything! But make sure at least half (or more) of your plate is full of vegetables! If we are also following the JERF principle (Just Eat Real Food), then raw ones are better than roasted. Roasted better than the ones in sauce, etc.
    2016-06-25 17.07.59
  3. Exercise: If you can’t get to the gym or exercise in your ordinary manner, then think outside the box. Are you at a picnic, and can you bring a cricket bat? Can your family drop you off a couple of kilometres away from where you’re heading and you walk the rest?
    2016-06-11 08.49.02
  4. Plan: You know what parties you’re going to, you know when you have to bring a plate and the location. Plan what you’re going to bring and make it as healthy as you can. Plan how you’re going to exercise and insist on achieving it.
  5. Ask For Help: If all else fails, and you’re overwhelmed, ask for help. This could mean asking a babysitter to come over for an hour while you go for a walk, or asking Jade to help with a meal plan. Either way, keep moving forward towards your goals. Only indulge if it makes you happy, and ask for help if you feel powerless. You might even find that you inspire others to behave more healthily when you ask them to help you!


We hope everyone enjoys their Christmas holiday and party period! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at IntoYou



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