Christmas Blitz is BACK

Back by Popular Demand, our Christmas Blitz is currently being updated and rebooted by Jade! The Christmas Blitz is an opportunity to work on your mind, body, and soul during what can be for some, a very stressful time of year. The idea is that you get as mentally, physically, and emotionally fit as possible, during the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year.

The Christmas Blitz will be our December Challenge this month, and the LAST monthly challenge we do before embarking on our new program: Client of the Quarter. Unlike other challenges, this one is not free, however there is a 100% REFUND for EVERYONE who successfully completes all aspects of the challenge… you read right, 100% money back guarantee if you complete all aspects. So, what does it involve?

  1. Daily Meal Plans: this program is strictly calorie controlled, because it is for such a short time. This means that our meal plans are specifically engineered to give you enough macronutrients, but restrict calories for fat loss or alcohol neutralisation. You are not required to lose weight during the blitz, as we understand that many of your social engagements will sabotage those kinds of efforts. However, the calorie restriction means that you won’t put any ON either!
  2. Daily Workouts: which sometimes is no workout at all! The workouts are again short, sharp, and focused. The focus of each workout could be calorie burning, muscle building, mental health boosting, positive hormone boosting, or any number of other purposes. Again, it’s designed to get the most “bang for buck” in a 3 week program, so that you go in to Christmas as fit as you’ve ever been.
  3. Mental Health Program: each day also has a mental health aspect. Whether is gratefulness, mindfulness, or a minute of deep breathing; this component is simple hormone regulation. When your hormones are balanced, it is easier to lose weight, and your mood is generally improved, thereby improving resilience.
  4. Pin Code Access to the gym: most of your workouts are possible to do at home, however, to decrease the likelihood of distractions, we have also included a pin code for the gym. You can use this code at any time to do your workouts, or extra workouts, or even to relax and massage on the powerplate. This gift is for you to enjoy some ME time!
  5. 100% Money Back Guarentee: this is for EVERYONE who completes all aspects of the challenge, regardless of whether or not you’ve lost weight or gotten fitter. If you complete the Blitz, you get your money back!

The Christmas Blitz will start on the 1st December and end on the 24th. All refunds will be processed via PayPal upon presentation of your 3 week food, exercise, and mental health diary before 31st January 2019. Enrol here!

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