Cardio Blitz

Cardio Blitz for the 8 Week Challenge!!!

You can do your cardio blitz at home or at the studio!!!

Warm up for 5 mins using the Rower or Bike.


WP_000800+(2).jpg WP_000189

The intervals are 60 seconds HARD and a 15 Rest between each exercise.

1. Run on the spot


2/3.  In’s and Out’s (30 sec Stepping out with your right foot, then left. Then lead back with the right. 30 Sec left foot leads)


4.  Star Jumps (Straight arms above the head or step touch)

5. Burpees (Please modify to one push up + one squat or squat jump)

WP_000708.jpg WP_000709.jpg

6.  High knees (Soccer knees)

7.  Speed skater (Bounding side to side)

8.  Tuck Jumps

9.  Kick Backs

10.  3 Step Run

11.  Jumping Lunges (or walking Lunges)


12.  Push up and clap (or lift hands up slightly)

WP_001076.jpg WP_001075.jpg

13. Mountain Climbers

14.  Jumping squats

15.  3 Jog then side Hurdle

16.  Plank on hands then Tuck knees to chest

17/18. Step ups (or Stairs at home)


19.  Squat Jumps in a square or Frog Jumps


20/21.  Knee repeater


22.  Ski Jumps (side to side)

23.  De quay jumps

24.  Shadow Boxing – Straights

25.  Plank – Jump feet side to side

26.  Cycle Crunches

27.  Squat and Front kick (alternating legs)

WP_001496.jpg WP_001497.jpg

28.  Skipping (or Jump with out a rope)


29.  Lunge then knee lift (option add a hop)

Power Plate Lunge

Power Plate LungesPower Leg Session 003

30.  Side Kicks (Alternate side to side)

31. Walking Push up forward or Walking the hands side to side.

WP_000361.jpg WP_000468.jpg

32.  Turkish Lift (Alternate arms)

WP_000786.jpg WP_000785.jpg WP_000787.jpg

33.  Football Run on the spot (Can change directions – forward & Back, side to side)

34. Pilates Sit ups

abs, lower back stretch, upper back stretch, strength   Pilates Sit Up & Flex

35. Hover with a twist (stomp feet up & down or in’s & out’s with the feet)


36.  Tyre Flip (if you do it at the studio)

Tyre flipping is a full body workout, all on its own!

37.  Ropes


38.  Plank + Tuck Jump


39. Triceps Dips


40.  Tyre Run (If you’re in the studio)


41.  Squats &  Shoulder Press


Repeat until 20-30 mins is up!!!








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