Business Mums: Sandra Fowler

Sandra is a Bra Fit Specialist with Intimo Lingerie. Before that, Sandra has trained with Clare at each of her four locations around the Northern Beaches, off and on since 2005!! She joined the Intimo Team in September 2009. Sandra choose Intimo for a few reasons; ” I LOVED their pretty bra’s, it had been 2 babies & 4 years since i had purchased a pretty bra (I’m not a shoe shopper… bra’s have always been weakness for me, as long as it was pretty) plus i needed to find myself again and have some me time that as an added bonus provides interaction with women & an income “.

Working with Intimo as her own business, she considers herself lucky because although she is in business for herself, she is not in business by herself. “The support, training, advertising are all provided for me to take advantage of it to whatever level i want to take my business. I have also been very lucky to find a tribe of women to support and uplift me though my Intimo life. We focus on the “feel good” of women and give them many ways that they can feel good about themselves through new lingerie, hosting a pop up bra-tique to gain our amazing hostess promotions or the opportunity to have a business of their own with Intimo“.

Sandra believes that her Intimo business is different from many lingerie shops, outlets, and online purchasing because as a Bra Fit Specialist she can provide you with a professional person fit in a comfortable and relaxed environment that works around the busy lives that women lead. Sandra is also extremely friendly and practical, and has a wicked sense of humour, so be prepared for a laugh!

When we asked what Sandra’s vision for the future was, she replied “In 10 years from now i want to have helped more women find their feel-good-fit, be that in our lingerie or clothing or helping her find financial stability and self worth.” She also had a minor anxiety attach when she realised her 3 kids will be in their late teens/early 20’s by then! She wants her kids to grow up seeing that you can have the life you love while being the best version of you possible and helping others to find this too. She intends to teach this to them by example, and believes she has found this balance with Intimo.


Sandra’s Mission Statement is “Through every moment, feel good… because underneath it all, women just want to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident… (ok i have pinched this one from Intimo however i love it and it says exactly that i want my business to accomplish.)“. It sounds like Sandra found the “feel-good-fit” for her business choice too! She says “If i can help my customers feel like this every time they walk out of an appointment with me then i will be more than happy.

There is a lot of variables in this line of business, for Sandra. Appointments and locations vary from Stanmore to the central coast, from markets, to one on one, and parties. In a week she’ll do personal fittings one on one, a hens night, a gym fit session, an open house, market days, email and phone orders. But the one thing that she hopes that is consistent throughout is that they all walk away with a feel good feeling about themselves & their purchase, and that in the service she gives them they recommend her to others which will allow her business to grow.


Sandra also finds this ethos in the gym! ” i believe IntoYou (and the awesome girls that are IntoYou) all about your feel-good. Not only physically but over the time they become people we can confide in and carers of our mind & body. I hope in some way customers that i have had for some time feel the same way about me.”

You can contact Sandra by leaving your details at the gym (she’s there almost everyday!) or via email: [email protected]

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