Business Mums Market Day

We have decided to hold our very first Business Mums Market Day, because in our little studio we have a wonderfully diverse number of women in business. We have mums who design hampers, beauty therapists, intimo consultants, massage therapists, supermarket owners, Doterra Reps, book keepers, and more!! In the spirit of supporting eachother in the same way every client supports us by training at IntoYou, we have set a tentative date for our Business Mums (and women who don’t have kids) to meet with eachother and discuss how we can enhance eachother’s success. We are also hoping to invite everyone in our client base to turn up and learn about the different women in our studio.

According to Small , there are 5 Major benefits of networking events such as these.

  1. Shared Knowledge: as Post Natal PT’s, we talk to physios, chiros, and other health professionals on a daily basis. Their input lifts our base of knowledge and experience, and lifts the standards of our training.
  2. Opportunities: we have always referred clients to other clients, and this will increase the number of people thinking about you and your business exponentially.
  3. Connections: even among ourselves, we are connected as friends and training buddies, but what about our Business Mum’s databases? Would a client of our beauty therapist also like to have her hair done by a local mum? Many of us would!!
  4. Increase confidence: traditional networking is about talking to people that you don’t know. Consider this a “middle ground”, not quite out of your comfort zone, because we already love you!
  5. Raise your profile: if only 5 businesses attend the market day, you’ve already increased your profile by 5 people and their clients! Sounds pretty sweet to us!

To register your business in the day, simply fill out this form: Business Mums Market Day rego

To come and see what we have to offer, RSVP to this email!

The Business Mums Market Day will be held at the studio, and you’ll have to bring your own equipment for your stall. Please bring samples, vouchers, and stuff to sell!

We hope to see you there!

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