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As a part of training with us at IntoYou, we have a free networking program for Business Mums. All members of this group are clients of the gym, and local women. The one exception to this is our consulting physio, Jenni Davies, who is more like another staff member than a client! IntoYou would not be able to provide the high quality sessions it does without her input!

Jenni graduated as a Physiotherapist back in 1992, and did her Masters in Sports Physio in 2001. She has worked in sport at varying levels since 1994, always with an interest in the pelvis. She did her training for internal pelvic work in 2010, and has been working in the specialisation ever since.  Having two children and pelvic floor trauma herself, she is passionate and empathetic towards women who face these issues.  Jenni chose Physiotherapy because ” I loved sport and biology but didn’t want to do either in isolation of the other, so physiotherapy was the answer!

Jenni’s core principles in her  business are “Good ol’ fashioned customer service combined with an honest appraisal of your situation and thorough treatment plans (based on the latest research) tailored to help you achieve your goals that include education and self-management tools to get you the best result via the most efficient means.  Also pelvic health education of the general population (including medical practitioners) via social media, face to face teaching and newsletters. ” Jenni is also tireless in offering her services for free to a variety of personal trainers on the beaches, running regular real time ultrasound and information gatherings (including ours).

Jenni is different because of her 25 years of experience working in sports medicine with athletes from recreational to elite (with a special interest in the pelvis), together with 7 years experience working with the internal aspects of pelvic health, now combining both together to form a holistic approach to pelvic health that treats everyone from teenagers to 90+ year olds, pregnant/post-natal ladies to elite athletes. She loves a good problem to solve and have now opened a new clinic that is the only one in the area to focus specifically on the pelvis and it’s related structures (including hip, back, lower limb mechanics etc).


About her business and industry, Jenni says ” I would love to see every woman being seen post-natally for a pelvic health check with a pelvic health physio so that any deficits in muscle function, strength, alterations in pelvic organ position or pain are dealt with early, thus preventing the huge statistics that women currently face in later life for prolapse and incontinence (1 in 2 of us having some degree of incontinence or prolapse by the time we’re 50). 

I would love to see pelvic health being taught at school to year 11/12 kids so that they have normal baseline knowledge from a relatively early age.  This will normalise the conversation around pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence and help people to seek treatment when symptoms first start.  

And I would love women, and men, to know that pelvic health physio’s exist and are a great first line treatment option for pelvic pain, prolapse and incontinence whatever age they are. 

Ultimately, I would love to see the incontinence and prolapse statistics being massively reduced.

There are many more things around pelvic health I would like to see changed but these are the primary issues.  My part is to educate people through blogs/education sessions/treatments, treat thoroughly and get them talking to their friends and relatives about the benefits of conservative treatment. Education of Doctors, Specialists, Midwives etc is equally important to create change. ”



Jenni says that Into You, with our shared passion for pelvic health, is a great partner to work with to take clients to the next level of fitness/activity safely or give clients that extra training/exercise they crave, in a pelvic floor safe environment, at a level that is appropriate for their symptoms. Hopefully, with our team spirit and co-operative procedures, we can create the change that Jenni hopes for in her industry!

Jenni will be back in the gym with her Real Time Ultrasound on Wednesday 27th September at 730pm. RSVP to [email protected]! Jenni’s practice is in Beaches Pelvic Physio in Dee Why Grand. You can contact her through her website:


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