Building Block Workout – Part 2: DIY Workout programs

Our next part of the Building Block program follows directly from our last post:

The purpose of these posts is to give you the tools to DIY workout programs! You can literally decide waht your goal is for the day (eg. strength, cardio, stretch) and mix up the exercises to achieve those objectives.

Here are the blocks for your DIY workout:







We have discussed Push ups and Lunges, our next block is:

– The trick with pull ups is to mix up the objects from which you’re pulling up from: chin up bar, TRX, Smith machine, edge of a veranda, tree branch, etc. Then mix up your hands positions, eg. reverse grip, neutral, using a towel, etc. Then think of single arms and legs, and then use your head and legs as drivers to mix up the load.

Ordinary old chin up made different with a head driver

Underhand TRX pull up

Neutral grip TRX pull up

Leg drivers in a chin up

Pulling anything counts, even tug-o-war!

Swinging left to right in the pull up. If your feet are on the ground you can step

Pulling yourself over objects

Lat pull down and variations

A more upright version of TRX Pull Ups

Single leg

Squats can be modified using pretty much any tool out there; fitballs, freeform boards, TRX, power plate, etc. You can matrix the feet, use the arms as drivers to mobilise the spine, turn your head, add weight, stiffen the knees into a deadlift, put the weight in a variety of positions (front back, one shoulder, by your sides, etc), woodchop, box jump, and more! In fact, squat options are SO NUMEROUS, it is no wonder that they feature in every online workout program!

The ol’ squat and press

Woodchop with the ball – you can also use cables and elastics

Squat jumps or box jumps

Squats with arm drivers, in this case stretching the chest


Tyre flips

Squat and upright row, with a cable.

Squat for range, holding on

Matrix your foot position (different position every rep)

plain ol’ front-loaded squat

Back loaded squats – also toes turned out


Fitball squats

Bosu squats, the Rip stick offers a greater challenge to the core

A hover is a static ab hold, and i like them because they use gravity to train your trunk to hold it’s self in alignment (in an ideal world anyway!). Plus, there are unlimited options for variety, including side hovers, reverse hover (nose to the roof), driving with your toes, hips, hands or head, and add tools like freeform, fitballs, and power plate.

Toes in the TRX

Hover on Toes on Power Plate and elbows on fitball

Hover and twist

Side hover, knees or toes, with or without the powerplate

Reverse hover – heels on a fitball

Fitball hover

Reverse hover

Scorpion hover – where your feet step over eachother (alternate)

Army crawl hover

Side hover, stepping forward and back with the top leg

Hover and reach forward

Hip lift and reach

Step through hover

Knees on the freeform – adding movement or putting the elbows on the freeform will change the load

Reverse hover with the freeform

Beast crawl from Animal Flow

Cardio is the most open-to-interpretation category of them all! Basically anything that gets your heart pumping is fine! Do it for a minute. Ideas include burpees (side ones if you have abdominal separation), jogging, skipping, rowing, step ups, cycling, mtn climbers, ball slams, turkish get ups (add your ideas in the comments!). A couple of tips for cardio: change levels, the more levels the more puffed-er you’ll be. Mix up fast movements with heavy weights, both will get you cracking! Change directions, the more directions involved in a movement, the more huffy puffy. Below are just a few of the things that have gotten us puffing over the years at IntoYou!


Flipping an sandbag and shuffling sideways

War balls

Split lunges – jumping to alternate legs

Mountain climbers

Arse-alt bike

Step classes (oxygen deprivation mask optional)

Rower (and laughter)

Step ups in the background and skipping in the fore.

Battle ropes

Turkish get ups

Tyre single arm drag (plank position). 

Tyre drag (run backwards)

Bunny Hops

Assisted TRX single leg squat and hop

mallet hits

Tyre Stealing competition

Madelaine, after her own body-transformation!

Just a few of the things that have got us puffed over the years at IntoYou!

So now you are equipped with the building blocks for great program design, get cracking!


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