Building Block Workout – Part 1

The Building Block workout is the foundation of a 30 minute session at IntoYou. The idea is that you understand your body, and you use the building blocks to create a program that is unique to your body, your needs, and what you feel is good for you!

Here are the blocks:







Your goal is to perform 1 x 10 of each of the above, then repeat the circuit 10x in an hour. Every time you perform an exercise, you have to change it, using a “driver”. For example, in the push ups you chose a foot driver, as you perform the exercise your foot has to move somewhere else (your choice), thereby adding complexity and diversity to the program. You can add a stretch, or change the positioning of your limbs, or where you place the weight or type of weight – it is all up to you!

Using the building blocks, you unleash a infinite variety of exercises on to your body, increasing it’s mobility, capability, dynamic-ness, and variability (yes, i did just make up a word!). All of these things are important to a good training program!

So, to make it easy for you, here are some ways to mix it up:

Add a twist, thread needle, open up the arms, reach forward, drop alternating hips, matrix your hands, step over your supporting leg, step underneath your body, elevate your feet, add a fitball or freeform board, etc. Remember, each set of 10 you chose a different variation on the building block.

Foot driver – stepping through

Hand driver, using a freeform board sliding away from the body. You could also sweep it up and over your head.

Thread needle

Freeform board under the knees push ups.

Hover to push up or walking hover

Head driver – twisting

Gorilla push ups – jumping the feet up in between each rep

Shoulder press (can be done with or without the free form board)

Using a TRX around the feet, you can add direction and swing, or place the hands in the stirrups instead.

Opening up using hand drivers

Using a fitball – obviously the hands could also go on the ball

Lunges can be modified using steps under the front or back foot, changing the distance of the legs, and changing the angle of the foot. You can use arm drivers to get rotation or side bending through the spine, add freeform boards or fitballs, or travel.

Elevating the front leg

No support from the back leg

Split lunges – jumps and switching legs

Lunge and step up

Lunging with a side bend

Lunge and twist

Using a high cable

Using a med ball and bending to the side

Lunge and row

Starting block lunge


Low cable row with your lunge

Using a sandbag


Side lunge

With thoracic flexion

PULL UP (see part 2)

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