Brad’s Slice of Saturday

Brad is our only male trainer at IntoYou, so it is always fun to get a different perspective with his training. This session is great because you only have to complete it to be puffing – there’s no need to “push” in the traditional sense.


1) 10 Chin Ups OR
20 TRX Pull Ups OR
20 Lat Pull Down….

2) 2min SPRINT on bike

3) 10 Push Ups (toes) OR
20 Push Ups (knees)

4) 20 Thrusters (make sure weight is heavy enough!)

5) 20 Squat Jumps (i make my clients touch the floor, so i know they are squatting)

6) 20 Shoulder Press (with bar or dumbells)

7) Run 100 metres, then walk return recovery.


Repeat twice for a half-hour session

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