Bootcamp and Tough Mudder 2016 De Brief


So yesterday i was caked in mud and there remains a dubious odour about us despite several showers. The clothes we were wearing yesterday have endured 5 hours of washing, so i supposed we have at least 3 more showers to go before we match them! That’s right, it’s the day after Tough Mudder, and even though the body is bruised, scratched, achy, and dirt encrusted, i am already thinking of “next time”. Tough Mudder is FUN. No matter how much the participants try to deny it, no matter how hard it is, how cold you get, or how hard you fall, it is still FUN! 20km is barely tolerable for someone of my running fitness, but i ran yesterday with no problems.


This is my theory on why:

  1. The Tough Mudder organisers spend a good amount of time revving you up at the beginning.
  2. There are heaps of obstacles, so you’re always interested in what’s coming next.
  3. The volunteers are really into it! They cheer you on, they give you tips, they laugh and joke with you – they’re awesome.
  4. The event isn’t timed, there are no winners, and no losers.
  5. The other participants are expected to help eachother out – that’s right, it was with complete strangers that i clambered over on the human pyramid, a complete stranger that hauled me over Everest, a complete stranger that boosted me up over the Berlin Walls. and in turn we stopped to help others.
  6. You can walk around anything you don’t want to do, and there’s no shame.

In short, it is an event like no other. I loved it. I love getting dirty and mucky. I love trying out my body in new ways. It is really really really cool. It is also an excellent way to complete our Bootcamp program for 2016.

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3 long months ago we started Bootcamp 2016. In the weeks we did a bit of everything; sand sessions at Collaroy, ultimate frisbee, hanging from bars in Narrabeen, piggy-back races, shuttle runs with a burpee at every stop, and more! We trained in dog parks with our furry friends, we saw whales off the coast, we brought our kids and took care not to knock ’em down too hard! We were joined by a dual Olympian one day, a little ol’ lady the next. Chris was the token man this year for most of it, which he took in his stride as per usual.

Every session was tailored for our crew; we had arthritic toes, slipped disks, rotator cuff injuries, and pelvic floor dysfunction to factor in to every session – successfully!

Our next project is Twilight Mountain Biking, and we are going to do the exact same thing to ensure that our group has a fabulous experience! We are going to look after their bodies, we are going to teach them new skills, we are going to look after their bikes for them. We will give them a program to work out to at the gym, and unlimited access to work on their fitness. We hope that you will join us!



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