Bootcamp & Pub 2 Pub!

This weekend’s adventures were great fun, mostly because of the company and excellent weather! We kicked it off with Bootcamp at Bilarong Reserve, Narrabeen. It started as a chilly morning but the Bootcampers quickly steamed it up with their session! We went easy on the legs, with respect for those participating in Pub 2 Pub on Sunday, so spend a lot of time hanging from bars.

After a quick lap around the reserve, we climbed all over the kiddy equipment. It is something that we have to be able to do if we are going to climb over walls in Tough Mudder!!

2016-08-27 09.08.02 2016-08-27 09.08.16 2016-08-27 09.08.47

After this warm up we did a circuit on the outdoor furniture, with THREE set’s of bar work, and also some tyre lifting and tug of war.

2016-08-27 09.13.28 2016-08-27 09.18.57

2016-08-27 09.15.04 2016-08-27 09.15.19

When everyone was sufficiently exhausted from this, we did some sprint and agility drills.

2016-08-27 09.32.20 2016-08-27 09.34.26

2016-08-27 09.32.28 2016-08-27 09.36.01

Evie took advantage of her horizontal Ninke and hitched a ride towards the end!! We finished up with some acceleration and deceleration work with the resistance bands and rope.

2016-08-27 09.40.25 2016-08-27 09.42.44

As always, we had coffee and brunch afterwards! The kids were once again there for the duration, and even picked up the equipment and kept training when we were cooling off! For single sessions, and the schedule, click here.

We had an early start on Sunday for our annual Pub 2 Pub adventure! Most of the team did the 12k – which was lengthened to 13.6k when they changed the route during the week because of DY lagoon overflowing in the rain. Clare and Evie did the 3km.

2016-08-28 07.56.26-1

Everyone say: “14 kilometres” !!

2016-08-28 07.56.41-1

Whilst waiting for the start we got to cheer on Maddy, Jade, Tracey, and Sue!!

2016-08-28 08.53.23 2016-08-28 09.05.50 IMG-20160828-WA0003

2016-08-28 09.09.21

That’s Tracey, behind the runner!

During the race, Evie got tired. However she got a second wind every time one of our team went past! This was good for her as she trotted for a few minutes trying to “tell you something” !!

2016-08-28 09.46.14 2016-08-28 09.39.11

2016-08-28 09.46.40

Evie high-5-ing the poster!

Everyone else beat us to the finish so we didn’t get finish pics of anyone except Evie and I! It was a great run, and everyone took the extra kilometre in their stride. Special shout out to Kim, who only last week took 2hrs to run 10km, and did the whole 13.6km yesterday in 2hrs! That was a phenomenal improvement, and would have taken extra mental strength and courage.

IMG-20160828-WA0005  20160828_120133 2016-08-28 10.11.55

Thank you to our Pub 2 Pub team for participating in Run Club 2016. It’s the company that makes it such a rewarding experience, and we value yours! We will complete Bootcamp and Tough Mudder next, and then look towards Twilight Mountain Biking group in December! More info about that program here!!

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