Our Best Intentions Realised, We Have Changed Kylie s Life!

Like many mums, Kylie was tireless in delivering the best possible life for her kids and family. She is like many other women, who forgot to look after herself as she ran from one activity to the other with her children. However, this does not always end with the happiest household, as some mums feel unappreciated and unhappy with their current physical health and life-style. Lucky for Kylie, she took a gamble on making “me” time, and it has paid off! It’s a bonus that her kids can also come when necessary, and understand that this 30min is for mum! What an example she sets for her daughters too, where for 2 x 30min sessions she is the most important person in the room! It is certainly not easy to make time for yourself, and we have the highest level of admiration for these mums that manage to juggle the lot!

Hi Clare,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how starting with Intoyou 12 months (or so ago) has changed my life.  My goal was to become fitter healthier and more toned.

Setting and booking in for regular sessions has been the turning point as it is just now a part of my ‘routine’ of activities scheduled for the week-I found I was booking my girls in for activities all week after school, but was doing nothing for me. Booking in “me” time has made me fitter, healthier and stronger physically but more importantly mentally happier! I am now riding to school with the kids, going for runs (which I’ve always hated- but now really enjoy) and planning when I can fit in extra exercise, rather than avoiding it!

Kind regards,



Kylie after completing the brutal Burpee Challenge

Kylie showing us how it is done!

Kylie showing us how it is done!

Well done Kylie! And may your daughters grow up to value themselves as much as we value you, as a result of you amazing example!! Thanks for your wonderful words, we will look forward to many more positive sessions, and a continued improvement to your life!

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