Bare Bones Bootcamp & Other Things We are Doing to Maintain Your Mental Health

Bare Bones Bootcamp is Jade’s baby, and was dreamed out of the void left when we cancelled Run Club. Due to the COVID uncertainty, we were unsure whether the Pub to Pub would go ahead, and the idea of running in partners was a little un-motivating. The Bare Bones Bootcamp is a “no frills” program created by Jade to re-invigorate you! We are using it to get outside, oxygenate our bodies, and revitalize our souls…. and two weeks in, it’s working! There’s no frills; no equipment, no event, no special t-shirts, no extra programs… just the “bare bones” of exercise; your body, the environment, and the special kind of crazy that goes on in a personal trainer’s brain!

The session is typical of the direction we are moving as a business, especially in our Life Enhancement Project on Facebook (if you haven’t already joined, sign up for a free two week trial here!). This program is currently free for all our actively training members (in the studio at least once a fortnight). It was an attempt to bring all of “us”; ie. Jade’s nutrition coaching, Clare’s Restore Your Core and Strength and Conditioning, the other Claire’s meditation and spiritual healing practice, and Charlie’s styling, play and balance training specialties to you all in one place. It is actually better value, with a more accessible and well rounded approach than training one-on-one with one of us in the studio, and even if you’re not a member and have to pay, it’s less than gym membership ($20/week)!

When you join a gym, you get access to a room with equipment. When you join online workout programs, you get the online program. That is it. When you join our project, you get strength training, cardio training, core rehab, styling, nutrition, recipes, mediation, balance training, mental health exercises and self esteem coaching, and most importantly – YOU GET US. We are live on there EVERY DAY and ready to answer your questions or tweak our programs to suit you. More on why participating in the program is important in the video below!

The one thing that is missing from our Life Enhancement Project is accountability. There are “units” that you tick off as work through them, showing progress, development, and learning. However there is no certificate when you complete them, no appointment to keep to ensure you make them, so for the people that need this, we’ll see you back in the gym (or via zoom!)! However we strongly encourage you to make time for the free meditations, brain training, and general health exercises on the project page – they will supercharge your immune system and do wonders for your mental health.

In other news, we have Massage and Organic Facials back on the program! We are also looking at adding a meditation session to our Live and Zoom training offerings. If you’d like to participate, you can vote for your preferred time here!

By keeping the blended approach to our training, and offering you more flexibility, we are hopefully taking some of the stress out of getting somewhere at a certain time. If your car needs a service, book ’em in, if your baby is asleep, let them lie. If you’re still in your PJ’s at 9.30, enjoy it!

Finally, a huge shout out to all of you for sticking to your guns and prioritizing your health first. The last 3 months were the perfect time to throw your hands in the air, sit on the couch in week-old undies and watch netflix. Some of us did this a few times, but overwhelmingly you were consistent, focussed, and have come out the other side with your fitness and health in one piece. WELL DONE YOU GUYS!! If you trained with us through this period, we would be grateful for your feedback (if you haven’t already) here. Also, if you are interested in participating in where our future goes, you can give more generalised feedback using this form. The world is changing, and we plan to evolve alongside it, and hope that we will see you there!

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