Barbara’s 60th Year Birthday Challenge

Barbara took a punt on our training skills, and for her 60th signed up for our Hike Nepal Challenge in 2015. Unfortunately the earthquake shattered our plans, 10 days before we were due to leave. We ended up in Cambodia, which is the antithesis of anything Barbara would have ever agreed to. Thankfully she took the change of plans stoically and with good humour, and proceeded to simply “do her best”. This is what she has to say:

“My name is Barbara and a member of Into You Gym.  I had heard about the trips done over the past few years so I chose to challenge myself the year I turned 60 to train for the trek in Nepal.  This involved 4 months of organised training, which was well set out and encouraged. The weekly hikes were great not only from the training angle which improved over time but the lovely places where we hiked and had not been seen before.  Another angle that enhanced the process was doing some fundraising for a local charity in Nepal and we were really looking forward to visiting them while there.  The whole package was very reasonably priced and to do it with a group of people you got to know over time was interesting and beneficial. Sadly just before departure the earthquake hit and rather than waste months of training we were very lucky that Clare was able to organise something else quickly.  

So we ended up in Cambodia…..a very hot place for one like me that doesn’t cope well with humidity.  I did my best and was happy with my 10kms maximum.   I was always encouraged by the others some of whom I realised later were dealing with more difficulties than just the weather. Hats off to all the others who trekked on.  What an interesting country to see and experience.

I am sad that I won’t get to Nepal but that is the way the cookie crumbles.  Do it if you have the chance and to do with a group that you know will be so much better.”

For information and registration for our 2016 gym trip, go to: Hike Nepal 2016


IMG_7458 IMGA0704 PIC_0282

Barbara has been training with IntoYou for a number of years, however she had never walked more than about 2km before embarking on this challenge. In training, her best result was 16km.

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