Baby Weight!

We had a grizzly baby today, so had to abandon our regular  program. Instead, we showed our grizzle-pot a good time, and gave mum a great workout at the same  time! It is worthwhile noting that this mum has made a full recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, and has been given the “all clear” from a pelvic-floor physio. Her son is 9mths old and weighs 9kg.

The key strategy here is using your baby (safely) as a “baby-weight”. It is good for the mum, and also highly specific to her daily tasks as a mum, but the momentum and movement is excellent for the baby’s muscular development as well. it is a win-win!

Step ups on the Powerplate with baby on your shoulders. Any step will do, just make sure your head is straight (not straining forwards), and you have control of the whole movement.
The Squat and Press will literally have your child chortling uncontrollably, while working almost every muscle in your body, including your heart and lungs!
Pilates leg extension, keeping your back pressed against the floor, extend your legs as far as you can (without releasing the pressure on your abs)
Reverse crunch, lifting your hips off the floor.
Push ups with a kiss (or raspberry, whatever makes your baby giggle).

Sit ups with a press, try to “round” your back, so that you curl up one vertebrae at a time, keep your posture erect when you press, and “roll” down slowly (again, one bone at a time, really attempt to fold yourself in half).

Other ideas include walking lunges with your baby on your shoulders, hover to push up with your baby on your back (make sure they’re old enough to hold on!), and regular hovers with raspberries or kisses.

And most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

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