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Sue Smashing It!

Just in case you thought our 8-week challenges were not effective, Sue has participated in ALL of them! Just in case you thought that one 30min session isn’t enough to make a difference in your life, that is what Sue was doing (well, until recently – she’s unstoppable now!). Pictured are the results you can […]

Run Groups Final Week

Saturday was the last day for our run group, and what a rotten day for it! It was rainy, windy, and cold – no one could blame our runners for pulling the pin… Except that they didn’t! In true IntoYou spirit all three of our Run Group that could make it, did make it! And […]

Mental Attitude

I have always enjoyed the change in mental attitude that many of my clients experience once they commence a strength training program. For women in particular, who have been conditioned to consider themselves weaker, smaller, and less powerful than men, there is something very empowering in lifting a heavy weight. However, to lift that weight, one must first believe that […]

In Sickness and in Health

This week a nasty cough and overwhelming fatigue has knocked me and my family for six! We are not accustomed to being sick, and it took some time to be overwhelmed, but overwhelmed we were – daytime naps, 13hrs a night in bed, and not a lot of food except oranges and pineapples! It certainly made […]

Simple 3D adjustment to a Basic Crossfit Workout

We posted a few weeks ago regarding angle manipulation of an exercise – how to target more muscles, make them do more things, more often (therefore INCREASE metabolic demand). It is hard to imagine increasing the metabolic demand of a program like Crossfit, but here we are having done it! The workout we modified was: […]

Muscle Balance

What would happen if you only had muscles on one side of your spine? Would those muscles get so tight that they pulled your bones to one side? Or would the other side be so weak and unstable that your joints are chronically inflamed and sore? At IntoYou, we visualise the trunk of your body […]

Where the Core is …

Researching for this week’s article for our clients, I typed “whole core anatomy” into Google and expected some simple articles that would explain and illustrate the 3D core. After an hour so I have realised that I am going to have to write the article myself! Most articles remember to mention the abs, back, and […]

What is the Fuss About Raw Food?

Many diets are now focussing on whole or raw food, and less and less are stipulating exact portion sizes and meal plans. Well, the ones that encourage food that is! Meal replacements, shakes, and branded products will always suck in customers simply because they promise instant, often unrealistic (unless you continue on their products) results. […]

Lessons Learned From a Week in China

This week’s workout is a simple way to adjust a traditional session to a more wholistic, versatile, and functional workout. We use just a smidge of what we learned last week in China, and apply it to a basic workout, to target more muscles. This means you will burn more fat, strengthen more muscles, a move more […]