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Hello From Sunny (not) China!

Well, as mad as everyone thought I was, I have made it to Shun De, in China, unscathed! I have come for Power Plate’s first Master Training Convention ever, and was delighted to accept the offer! It was a long trip, first having to spend a night in Adelaide, in a hotel that resembled one […]

Pretty Patterns with Reps (repetitions)

Mixing up the reps in a program is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your training, as well as keep it interesting. One of my favorite client’s once mentioned that she hates increasing reps through a program (starting with a low number and building to a high number), so today I had “mercy” and […]

Philosophy of Eating

There are so many diet plans out there, and so much conflicting information regarding eating, it is difficult to know where to begin for health or weight loss. We call it “making pretty patterns with your food”, and one of these pretty patterns will suit you more than another, simply because it will (or won’t) […]

Run Group 2014

Running is the most natural thing in the world for humans. In fact, it has been demonstrated by archaeological biologists that we were literally “born to run”, that the “great leap forward” was due to a consistent supply of protein, gained by literally running after our prey until they fell down exhausted. There is a […]

Strip Off This Winter Challenge!!

Jade is on a roll this year, transforming bodies and loving it! She has designed her very own Challenge, aimed at eliminating every excuse under the sun, to ensure you the best chance of success with your weight loss: Strip Off This Winter! As she says, “Summer weight is lost in Winter”! This challenge is […]

Clare’s Hundred session

This workout today is both good and bad. Good because it’s 20min of cardio and toning, and you only do each exercise once. Bad because the numbers are ascending, meaning you do more reps for each new exercise until you’ve done a hundred… oh well! That is the name of our game, right? You can […]

Accomplishment, Success, & Satisfaction

Our Mountain Bike NZ crew have been back for almost two weeks now, however the high of their accomplishment has not faded yet! Many of them have unpacked their bikes and been riding together already. All of us are looking over our photos and reminiscing. One of our team has even handed out little cards […]