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4 Fantastic Uses of Apple Sauce

I found myself with 5 floury green apples a couple of weeks ago, and being the frugal person that i am, i wanted to use them rather than throw them away. I had successfully stewed excess strawberries the week before, and unloaded them over frozen yoghurt on my willing family, so i started with that! Home […]

8 Week Transformation Challenge

Madelaine’s Fresh Fysique 8wk Transformation Challenge starts at IntoYou today! (If you’d like to be a part of it, go to https://into-you.com.au/product/8-week-transformation-challenge/ ) . The challenges are always an exciting couple of months for us trainers, as we see results that exceed expectations every single time. Maddy’s challenge includes a $100 cash back bonus, if you […]

Snacks and Desserts to Keep Your Kids Healthy

One of our clients remarked last week that our Instagram profile has great ideas for feeding kids. This is partly because none of the recipes include sugar, which can be exceedingly harmful to the health of little kids, as well as the fact that all our recipes are knocked up in 10 minutes. Furthermore, it […]

Hike Nepal Details

For those of you on the fence regarding our Hike Nepal trip, here are some more details! Your due date to RSVP is October 16th. Contact clare@into-you.com.au in the meantime with any questions! Dates – May 9th – May 23rd. Give or take a day or two either side, for flight availabilities. Training will be […]

Tough Mudder Program

Tough Mudder Program of 100 Reps… You do 10 sets with 10 Reps on a given exercise. Hundreds, as the name implies, involves doing 100 reps!!! We’ll make real Tough Mudder’s out of you all yet! As always, look after your body, and consult with your trainer if anything is uncomfortable (apart from the usual […]