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Top Tips for Staying Healthy Over Xmas

Maddy’s tip – RUN far, run fast, & run often! Clare’s tip – Drink a glass of water before every meal and every alcoholic drink Jade’s tip – Eat whatever you want, but take a kiddy-size serving & keep up your cardio Anna’s tip – Eat constantly, avoid large meals

Susie adds IntoYou training to a year of Milestones

Susie is one of our most loyal and consistent mums. She never had an issue with her weight, however she did struggle to find safe exercise after an abdominal injury was “fixed” with mesh. Meshing means no crunches or traditional abdominal training, but true core training is imperative. She has toned up significantly, with only 1-2 […]

Welcome Anna!

We have been inducting a new member of our team this week! Anna is going to take over Saturday mornings, as Jade will be doing two 14-hr days on Mondays and Thursdays. Anna is a pre and post natal trainer, who was also a teacher in another life! She has a new baby herself, so […]

Hike Nepal Team Meeting

Last night we met as a group for the first time, at the tasty Gurkah’s Himalayan Restaurant in Dee Why. Between the yummy variety of dishes we discussed our goals, objectives, and expectations of the trip. For a large group of 10 people, it was important that we understood each other. We have never had a […]

Alana Hits the Formal on a High

Alana was introduced to our training by her mum. Both of them were new to sport and wanted to exercise in a safe manner. Alana’s mum wanted to complete a half-marathon without getting injured (and she did) and thought that the training might be a good sport-alternative for her daughter. She was right. Alana has […]

Annie Has Got Her Balance Back!

Annie has been training for several weeks now. She joined as because she had lost her confidence as a result of a fall, and never regained it. Breaking your leg means significant muscle waste in both legs, and it can take years to regain it. For some people, the never do, because they never train […]

Sunny Mel Has Found Her Niche

Mel came along to our gym as a referral from one of our clients. It wasn’t until we gained her trust that we learned the degree of injury she carried around with her on a daily basis. After a rocky start overcoming these issues, Mel has ended up tanned and chirpy, with a beach body […]