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Hiking Group 2023

Last weekend our Hiking Group engaged in a mini-version of the event they’re training for – Kepler Track in NZ. The goal of the training up until this point has been to build up to a “pack weight”. Our adventurers were asked to build up to a fitness that allowed them to complete 15km two […]

FIVE Dinner Idea’s You May Have Never Thought Of!

What’s for dinner? The question starts over the breakfast table. There’s pressure. There’s organising to do. There’s school. Work. After school activities. Library books and clarinets to remember. I don’t know when I’m going to get my breakfast, let alone work out what’s for dinner!!! Like everyone, I have a rotating menu of the same […]

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me… actually they can and they will, how you speak to yourself matters! Studies have shown that positive and negative words affect us on a deep psychological and neurological level and have an enormous impact on our lives. In one experiment(1), brain responses […]

10 Different Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is probably the most routine meal of the day, and it is easy to get stuck in to a rut! However, achieving a healthy, varied breakfast isn’t as hard as it seems! It’s even easier now that we have 10 Different Breakfast Ideas right here for you! Simply choose one or two, then play […]

How to Be A Strong Woman

Strength comes in so many forms, but generally speaking, it’s not encouraged in women as they grow up. Little girls are taught to be kind, gentle, and quiet, and while there’s nothing wrong with these characteristics, it’s time to find our FIERCE as well! So buckle up, girls, and lets learn how to become a […]