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Make One Change: January 2019

Make One Change: January 2019 was to Become a Fabric Snob… Many of us don’t realise that synthetic fabrics are actually petroleum products, another form of plastic. The consequences of these products include microfibres washing down the drain and in to the sea every time you wash them, toxic chemicals absorbing in to your skin […]

Meet The Trainers: Kylie Bennett-Bremner

Aaaand it’s official! We get ourselves a new trainer this February! Kylie completed our education years ago, and asked for a job back then! Since then she’s been working at Virgin Active and Scenic Cycle, but always staying in touch and up to date with what we are doing at IntoYou! We’d like to introduce […]

What Styling Has to Do With Self Esteem

We all know what we do when we look in the mirror. We see that little “pooch”, we see our flabby arms, and then we find the biggest item of clothing to cover them all with. But what if this habit was upside down? And by looking for our imperfections and trying to hide them […]

The Thing About New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s the thing about New Year’s Resolutions…. if i were to survey 100 of our clients, perhaps only one or two will actually achieve their New Year’s Resolution. 55% of all New Years Resolutions are about eating better or exercising more, and 80% will fail to stick within 6 weeks. But Why? According to this article […]

Client of the Quarter Nominees January 2019: Mags, Kathy, and Liz

Our Client of the Quarter is up for FOUR one on one Personal Training Sessions, and YOU get to choose who wins it! Read their stories below, then vote in the poll here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1064138007093304/permalink/1064143840426054/ The winner will be announced in February 2019! Mags We though Mags was inspiring before, that is when she overcame her fear […]