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Surfing Group 2019 Run Down

Surfing Group this year was a little different to last year, although no less fun! We had a Grandma join us and a couple of mums with grown up children. We opened the group up to anyone who wanted to catch waves this year; whether it was on a surfboard, kneeboard, or boogie board, and […]

Meet The Trainer: Tamara Kelly

When Tamara was 14  her health was terrible. She ate badly, and over ate, because she loved food and wasn’t educated in good choices. Tamara didn’t know what was good for her, even though her mum cooked healthy food she served double sizes. There was lots of bread, pasta, and chips! When Tamara worked at […]

Make One Change March 2019: Avoid Fragrance

Fragrance… such an innocuous word… with such ominous meaning… Fragrance, Parfum, or Perfume are generic words for a group of chemicals that mask the odor of any particular product. They are technically the “intellectual property” of the company that create’s them, and in order to protect the company’s IP, Australian Law does not require the […]

Make One Change Feb 2019: Meditate

Stress has an incredibly detrimental effect on our health – on parr with plastics, chemicals, and smoking! Stress can contribute to heart disease, infertility, premature aging and heaps more. However, there’s good news! Regular, consistent meditation effectively works as an antidote to the effects of stress, and therefore decreasing your risk of all those nasty […]

Real Time Ultrasound Evening with Kelly from Activate Physio

We had a lovely evening last night with Kelly from Activate physio. Kelly gave up her precious time to provide this service for us for free, and we had a very interesting time looking at how everyone’s pelvic floor moves (differently!). https://www.facebook.com/IntoYouSFS/videos/274677413426536/ The main issues Kelly covered are outlined below, and you can read more […]