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Meet The Trainer: Claire B!

Recently we welcomed Claire B to the fold of trainers at IntoYou! Claire is energetic, excitable, and almost as passionate about learning as she is about fitness! She says: “Health & fitness has always been a priority in my life. As a busy single mum of 2 boys I’ve always made sure to make room in […]

Heavy Lifting and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Look anywhere, continence foundation, pelvic floor first website, and literally every other resource for pelvic dysfunction and you will see that: a) heavy lifting causes or contributes to pelvic dysfunction, and b) that heavy lifting is contraindicated for post natal populations because it causes or contributes to pelvic dysfunction… But what is heavy lifting? is […]

Make One Change July 2019: Reflect

This month we simply remembered our journey of change!! It’s been a year! How did you go with the changes? What did you learn? Have you completely changed some things and fallen back into old habits in others? It’s okay if you have! Change is hard! But don’t stop trying! So enjoy the journey! Click […]

Testimonial Tuesday from Thecla Haven

Thecla is one of our nominees for this quarters Client of the Quarter, and wife of last quarter’s winner, so you’d be forgiven for expecting her to be a confident, go-get-em kind of lady, but she wasn’t… at least until now! Thecla was dragged in begrudgingly by her daughter when Tony was going through his […]

Rainy Day Warm Up

It’s rainy and cold today in Sydney so what better day for a warm up session?? Whilst this session couldn’t be construed as a “HIIT”, or high intensity session, it does creep up on your muscles until they’re just a little bit burny, and you’re plenty warm! Circuit one 30 seconds of each exercise alternating […]