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Remember When… A Trip Down Memory Lane

Today we are going to revisit and remember when a handful of our clients did extraordinary things, that seem ordinary from the outside. You have to remember that only 2% of all Australian’s train regularly in gyms, and even fewer are women… There are many things that make IntoYou different from other gyms, and one […]

Why It’s Important to be Practising Gratitude

Practising Gratitude is not just fashionable, it’s a vital mental health skill that you can practise and get better at! Practising gratitude will not only help you feel better, it can also help improve your sleep, mood and immunity(1)! In turn it can decrease stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and risk of disease(2, 3). Research […]

10 After School Snack Ideas

My kids, like everyone else’s, come home ravenous after school. Woe betide me if I dare take them past the supermarket on the way home; the feral snarling for chips, lollies, and ice cream is enough to break the most resilient mum, especially if I am in a rush to get them to their next […]

Sleep is Sexy

Sleep is sexy… and we also do a lot of it! On average we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed sleeping. It’s how our bodies rejuvenate, regulate and energize. Some studies have shown that approximately 55% of the world’s population suffer sleep issues and that women are affected more than men(1). The average […]

How Powerful Pattern Recognition Can Be, and Why a Personal Trainer is the BEST Person for it!

Pattern recognition is a powerful adaptation of all humans everywhere. However, most of the time it is for responsible stereotyping, and also a mental function called “confirmation bias”; where we look for evidence confirming our beliefs.  There is a shiny side to pattern recognition though (apart from survival that is!), and in this case it […]

Matching Your Exercise to Your Body Type

We all have a different body type which falls under 3 main categories…Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. When you filled out our health questionnaire at IntoYou, you would have been asked which one you think you are. In this article I thought I would give you information on each body type and their characteristics along with what […]