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WHY Yoga on the Power Plate?

Firstly, let’s ask the question, why does one do yoga? Yoga is an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices that recognizes the multi-dimensional nature of a person. In Yoga these multi- dimensional aspects are bought together through practices that incorporate mind, body and breath. In other words, Yoga is a form of moving mindfulness. […]

Welcome to Pascale, Lyssa, Caroline, and Alena!

We were sad to see Claire leave us, especially in the circumstances she is still in, but the silver lining is that we are able to welcome some new opportunities to IntoYou! We have had Pascale start with us already, and she’s followed by Lyssa, then Caroline, and then Alena! All these women are superstars […]

Abdominal Scar Release is BACK on a NEW LEVEL

Many of us have experienced the profound effects of Scar Release therapy on our physiology, and we are excited to announce that we are going to take it to the NEXT LEVEL from the 18th June! Perhaps you’ve never considered this, but scars are more than just skin deep. Sometimes a simple surface scar can […]

Sue Takes Off in her Training at IntoYou!

Sue was a “friend of a friend” referral, and we had heard all about how amazing this 80yr-old was. Even then, we didn’t realise exactly how incredible she was until we met her! Sue waltzed in, perky, chirpy, positive – always willing to give stuff a go! And she is so proud of herself, that […]

Surfing Group 2021

Well, Surfing Group has just finished this year, and didn’t we end it in STYLE!!?? 12 weeks of laugher, splashing, moving differently and in different environments culminated in a weekend away in Norah Head. We met at the civilised time of 10am at Soldiers Point Surf Club. The forecast was for 3-4ft, but after watching […]

Shopping Online Versus Shopping With a Stylist

Is shopping for clothes fun and productive for you? If YES, great keep doing what you’re doing! . If NO let’s figure out why…. When you shop for new clothes which one are you?…. Online shopper – I tend to shop on the same sites as I know they fit, feel bored. Online shopper – […]

Testimonial Tuesday: Julie Hogan!

Julie has been a stalwart of IntoYou for a number of years, and is always solid value in our group training! I can’t remember a session with Julie where i haven’t laughed at least once! As a part of our call out this February for testimonials, Julie entered with this beauty that gave me goosebumps! […]

2022 Gym Trip: Northern NSW Hiking Adventure

We are hiking again in 2022 – because this trip will be a back-up if we are prevented from flying to Western Australia in November this year! The wonder-women from JOIN have outdone themselves with this spectacular adventure, which starts with whale-watching on the coast of Yamba, and progresses inland to Bald Rock – the […]