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Sleep is Sexy

Sleep is sexy… and we also do a lot of it! On average we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed sleeping. It’s how our bodies rejuvenate, regulate and energize. Some studies have shown that approximately 55% of the world’s population suffer sleep issues and that women are affected more than men(1). The average […]

How Powerful Pattern Recognition Can Be, and Why a Personal Trainer is the BEST Person for it!

Pattern recognition is a powerful adaptation of all humans everywhere. However, most of the time it is for responsible stereotyping, and also a mental function called “confirmation bias”; where we look for evidence confirming our beliefs.  There is a shiny side to pattern recognition though (apart from survival that is!), and in this case it […]

Matching Your Exercise to Your Body Type

We all have a different body type which falls under 3 main categories…Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. When you filled out our health questionnaire at IntoYou, you would have been asked which one you think you are. In this article I thought I would give you information on each body type and their characteristics along with what […]

Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Exercise Yes you should start exercising when you fall pregnant – the idea that you shouldn’t start anything new is a MYTH. The health risks of a sedentary lifestyle on your pregnancy is in line with smoking – and I don’t say that to shame or scare you – I say it to emphasise […]