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Post Natal-Safe Crossfit!

For this session we took a Crossfit format, and inserted some low impact core-strengthening exercises instead of the regular Crossfit movements. This session will still give you a toned body, and a great cardio and strength workout, but without the stress on your pelvic floor. Crossfit are loud and proud about their “leaky” clients who […]

Training for the Burpee Challenge

IntoYou’s Summer Challange is to 1) Complete Jade’s Burpee Madness Test, published on this blog a couple of months ago. 2) Participate in the Burpee Off on March 1st, to get  Summer Challenge Champion! But how to train for this? You need to be a) Very good at burpees b) Motivated to do them [sociallocker] […]

The Perfect Exercise for Mountain Biking

This exercise is performed on the powerplate. it is a half-crouch – like how you stand on the peddles going downhill. An empty dumbell bar goes into the strap handle of the powerplate, then you hold the strap tight. For advanced bikers, “ooch” the plate (forward, left, and right), mimicking how you would push and […]

Exercising in the Rain

It has been a quiet day in the gym today, with 5 out of 9 of my morning block of clients cancelling their session today. The reasons vary, but no-one can deny the fact that these reasons more often occur when it’s raining! One of the people that braved the wet! It is miserable outside, […]

Madelaine’s Max HR Madness!!

This session will get those arms toned and that heart rate maxed out! It is a circuit of only 3 exercises with cardio in between. It will take 20-30min (depending on how quick you move through the strength component). [sociallocker] Circuit 1 3 x Burpees 3 x Squat, Curl, and Press 3 x Push ups […]

November’s Metabolic Ripper!!

This session will start a bit long, your goal is firstly to finish, then finish in under 20min, then as close to 15min as possible! It is designed as a metabolic training workout – that is, getting your heart pumping, burning fat, and creating new muscle to continue to burn fat, long after you finish […]

Gorgeous Sue Surprised Herself with These Paddleboarding Photos!

Sue has been training for months, now. She has completed both the 8-week and 10-week fat loss challenges, and knew she had lost weight. However it wasn’t until she saw herself in a recent photo from Fiji that she realized how much! Sue is always a pleasure to train, she works hard, never complains, and […]

Rip Trainer

Our super-star, Stacey, demonstrates our new toy, the Rip Trainer from TRX. It’s harder than it looks, with much of the intensity coming from trying to stay straight when you’are being pulled one way. The Rip Trainer’s main purpose is to unconsciously trigger your deep abdominal muscles into action. Muscles that you may or may […]

Exercise of the Week (not that we post one every week)

This exercise works every muscle in the body, but we don’t love it for that reason. It also moves almost every joint, and stretches the spine and groin in three magnificent directions! [sociallocker] The three-way lunge with arms… sounds kinky! The reality is anything but! It works almost every muscle in the body, including the […]