August Challenge is up on us Already! and 4 Lucky Clients WON a Meal Planning Session with Jade for July

If you can’t remember our July Challenge, or have suppressed the memory due to the trauma it caused you attempting it, you can refresh your memory here! Basically, you were given a nasty circuit to complete within 20 minutes, then in the time you had left over, you had to perform as many burpees as you could (or appropriate exercise equivalent) which counted as “points”. Anyone who got more than 20 burpees (even though Jade did 50…) won a 30min Meal Planning session with her! You have until Monday to achieve it, and then we are on to Madelaine’s August Challenge!

Maddy’s August challenge is 8 exercises that you perform for 1 minute, counting the reps which will accumulate as points to create your final score. You can only take 30 seconds off between each exercise. The total program is (only) 12 minutes in total.

There are TWO prizes for this one: whoever beats the trainer’s score of 250 will get a free session. Whoever gets the most points (whether or not they beat the trainers, the winner is the winner) will win this fabulous prize from one of our Business Mums, Ros from Beauty Essentials Northern Beaches.

Ros is donating a LED Facial Treatment with a Full Skin Consultation valued at $80. You can read about LED light treatments here. THANK YOU ROZ!!

Now, for the fun part, here’s your challenge!

  1. Assisted Chin ups
  2. Tyre Flips
  3. 6kg Med Ball Slams:
  4. Driveway Laps

  5. Bear Crawl and Push up


  6. Calories on Bike

  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Bosu Burpees

You have ONE MINUTE to complete as many reps as possible, then record your score on the mirror with the program. You have all month to get as many reps as you possibly can, to earn your free session by beating the trainer’s score of 250 reps total. Remember, there is only 30 seconds off between each exercise.

Congratulations to all of our July Challengers who have won so far this month! and good luck to the rest of you!


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