August Challenge: Make Real Change by Maddy

This challenge is about making real changes and taking responsibility for your wellness. We all know we can make a change here or there that will keep our heads clearer, hearts happier, and body healthier; so lets do it together! Use the table below to keep track of each change that you intend to make. Printed ones are available at the gym.

Replace a habit.
Write and record a habit that you want to exchange for a healthier one; eg. Unorganised food = Sunday meal prep. Rushing to work = wake up 10 minutes earlier. Tick the box when you have successfully replaced a habit.
Replace this Habit:___________________________With this healthy alternative________________________

5 x minutes of Mindfulness.
Take 5 minutes to yourself to stop, collaborate, and listen! You can use an app (eg. Headspace), or you can focus on your breath. Tick the box once complete.

Reflect on 3 things that you’re grateful for. I recommend doing this after you have completed your 5 x minutes of mindfulness. They can be as simple as having time to visit the ocean, or someone giving you a compliment. Tick the box when complete or write 1 of the 3 things you’re grateful for.

Me time.
This one is simple. Do something for yourself 1 x per day. For example gym, catch up with friends, or whatever it is that fills your cup.

Every challenge must have a prize. At the end of the month submit your Checklists for Change and you will be in the running for one of TWO special wellness goodie bags! Everyone who participates, no matter how well they did or how much they changed, will go in the running for one of these bags!

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