Anna is on a Winner!

With a trainer for a husband, and a trainer herself, Anna was surprised to find herself at a loss post-baby. Not only has she brightened our little studio with her positivity and her gurgling little baby, she has achieved great things for herself!

I had my first baby at the end of August and it has been the most amazing experience of my life.

It did, however, change my body and, having been previously very fit, did not know how to start from scratch. Jade, Maddie and Claire not only provided excellent, safe and effective training, but the encouragement and support that I needed to keep me training despite the night shifts and uncertainty that come with a new baby.

Training with IntoYou gave me a sense of power and confidence, not just in my body but in my ability to be a mother. I have lost an dress size in just 3 weeks and feeling so much stronger! Thank you girls!

From the day after her baby’s birth, Anna has lost an incredible 12kg, and counting!

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