Ali’s April Challenge

Ali is sometimes misunderstood as our kind and conservative trainer… but do not be fooled, not anymore!!

For her April Challenge, we have a Fitness Test in which you compete against yourself! The prize is a FREE core assessment and home-program, and there are two runner up prizes of your choice of Ameo oils. Ali is a pre and post natal training specialist and her core program will be very effective!

The Challenge: greatest improvement wins!

  1. 2 x Bus Stop runs OR 500m Assault Bike (time in seconds)
  2. 90 sec Burpees (number)
  3. 90 sec Push ups (number)
  4. 90 sec Chin ups (number)
  5. Plank (as long as possible, time in seconds)

Your first score will look something like this: 54 + 20 + 44 + 9 + 92

At the end of April you will repeat the Fitness Test. Your second score will (hopefully) record an improvement and look something like this: 49 + 22 + 51 + 12 + 129

The difference between 54 seconds and 49 = 5. Using the numbers in the example, the difference between each Fitness Test is 5 + 2 + 7 + 3 + 37 = 54. The greatest difference between the two scores wins!

Because the test is against yourself, you can chose ANY version of the exercise (for example, a TRX pull up, or an assisted chin up instead of regular chin ups). Please chose one that is appropriate for your deep core or other injuries.

Ali and Jade have completed the April Fitness Test Challenge!  They simply modified it to suit their fitness and strength levels. Good Luck!

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