Our Affiliate Physio’s are Pleased with their “Star Improvers”

At IntoYou we make a point of working closely with our client’s health professional. In particular, we strongly recommend our mums see a women’s health physio to get their pelvic floor checked. In a recent conversation with a women’s health physio, she mentioned that she had 3 “star improvers”, clients who improved beyond her expectations, of which two were in our 6 Step Restore Your Core program.

Louise, from Total Physiotherapy in Manly Vale, says of our program “ The Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor program at Into-you Training has helped clients incorporate pelvic floor exercises into their program in a functional way. Care is taken to avoid too much load on the pelvic floor before it is ready. Two recent clients have achieved above average improvement in pelvic floor strength and reduced bother of prolapse symptoms by participation in the program alongside their individually prescribed pelvic floor exercises at home.

Our two star clients increased their strength 2 points (out of 5), reduced their prolapse symptoms, and increased their pelvic floor endurance and synchronisation significantly. One of them had zero endurance when she started and is now at 10 seconds (the highest score).

We are really proud of our program and the results we are seeing from it! We thank these two client’s in particular for going for their follow up so that we have this story to tell!

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