Achieving Balance and Happiness in a Junk-Food-Charged Holiday Like Easter

One of our fundamental objectives at IntoYou is achieving balance and happiness, but what does this mean for you and your family over a holiday like Easter?

Easter, which is traditionally one of the most junk-food-charged holidays, except maybe Halloween, for both adults and children.

It’s a time of excitement too, though, family, connection, and magic – and those things are important!! So here are some tips to enjoy the holiday, but balance the overload – both in sugar and in commitments!

Life is not about perfection, but progress. Enjoy Easter!

In the Hozack household we mix carob bears, berries, and grapes in to the Easter Egg hunt. It almost always rains, and the fresh food always does better with a bit of drizzle over it that the chocolate eggs! Obviously wash them before eating! The other bonus is that you’ll use less packaging, which is better for the planet! Jade’s Bliss Balls always do well too, and a bit of al-foil to make shiny (which can be recycled with your cans!).

The prize for us is rarely a huge chocolate bunny or egg, although there is always something special! Over the years the kids have received bunny onesies, bamboo bunny plates, Easter craft, and Easter activities (like visiting hobby farms). Without a doubt, the latter two are always very special for the kids, and they enjoy the time spent together as much as the treats (if not more!).

When you attend functions, always volunteer a salad, and pack as many colours in to that salad as possible. It not only looks amazingly attractive to eat, but is solidly filling as well. It helps that 90% of functions we attend nowadays are BBQ’s and a salad always fits the menu!

Make time to do something active together, just for you, as there is a tendency to go from function to function at these times of year. Taking an hour or two to collect seashells, have a boogie board, throw a ball, or go for a bushwalk together are important emotional resets for you as a group, and will also help metabolise the sugar overload.

Take time to be by yourself or with friends. Long weekends are valuable because BOTH parents are present (usually, besides the shift workers among you!). This is an opportunity to tag team. Sit on the beach, go for a run, catch up with a friend, read a book – whatever charges you and brings you energy!

The gym is OPEN for yoga night tonight – text us on 0410 508 101 to reserve your spot!

Achieving balance doesn’t include cutting things out, restriction, and feeling left out or that you’re missing out, so don’t skip the cake if you want it! DO eat a mountain of salad beforehand, though, to balance it out. Don’t skip the sleep-in if you need it and have the opportunity, but DO go for a walk later, or kick a ball with the kids, to get some activity in! Don’t berate yourself for having a couple of drinks, but do offset those drinks with plenty of water and electrolytes over the next couple of days (even if you feel fine).

Finally, one of the most important things to achieving the “happiness” component of this weekend is taking time to NOTICE what you’ve done well. Give yourself a pat on the back where you managed to achieve balance – in sugar, in your kids treats, in your activity levels – all of it! On Monday evening, take some time to jot 3 things that you loved about your weekend, or what you did well, or what you’d consider highlights, and just sit with those a bit. I’ll remind you on The Life Enhancement Project Group too, don’t worry!

If you have overdone it, let it go, and start afresh today. Remember that Jade is here for you, and you can book in for Nutrition Coaching here. We are open and here for your fitness all Long Weekend, and for limited hours on ANZAC day too! You get FREE extra sessions if you’re training with us 3x or more a week, and FREE unlimited Zoom sessions if you’re training more than twice – text us on 0410508101 to book in!

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