Accomplishment, Success, & Satisfaction

Our Mountain Bike NZ crew have been back for almost two weeks now, however the high of their accomplishment has not faded yet! Many of them have unpacked their bikes and been riding together already. All of us are looking over our photos and reminiscing. One of our team has even handed out little cards and gifts, because she is so pleased to have successfully completed another adventure. This interests me, because the training was essentially 3mths of pressure. In addition, we scared the pants off ourselves attempting to ride trails that really really hurt when you fell off your bike. After that we suffered in New Zealand, riding hundreds of kilometres on sore backsides, through the rain and strong, cold, headwinds. Yet here we are back in Sydney, mighty pleased we did it! It has occurred to me that this journey could be broken down and applied to our smaller, everyday, challenges and goals, which would look something like this:

  1. Set a challenge.
  2. Plan your approach to the challenge.
  3. Execute your plan, step by step.
  4. Embark on the challenge.
  5. Never give up.

Imagine if every time we wished to be 3kg lighter, we planned the “how, what, when, where, & why”, actually saw it through, and achieved it? How would you feel with your success? How satisfied? Would there be a sense of accomplishment? Would that make you “happy”? We hear “if i lose 3kg, then i’ll be happy”, on a daily, if not hourly, basis. 9 times out of 10, the person making that statement lives another week in the same way they lived the one before, only to repeat the statement at their next session. I suspect that it is not the act of being 3kg lighter that would make them happy, but the fact they succeeded in achieving the goal they set for themselves. Just like it is not the act of being beside the ocean that made our NZ crew happy, but riding there one kilometre at a time, and finally reaching the water’s edge after two weeks of discomfort and uncertainty. This is why personal training works. We know that there are steps that must be taken for you to achieve satisfaction in yourself and your life, and we can help you set them out step by step. We can make sure each step is a logical (and educated) progression closer to your goal, so you get there sooner than you would have (“blindfolded in the dark”, as i like to say!). There is also a necessity, that if you wish to feel a sense of accomplishment, to go through some kind of journey, which is usually uncomfortable in some degree, because it is precisely that discomfort that makes an accomplishment so satisfactory! Perhaps this would be a useful thing to remind ourselves of, when the going gets tough! If you’re feeling inspired, there is a practical article on this subject here: As usual, we love to hear your stories! Feel free to comment or email us [email protected]

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