Clare began as an athlete in the Australian Sailing Team, where almost every one of her team mates in the 2004 team had a back injury. Together with the team’s physio, Clare developed a program for the Youth Squad, screening and correcting muscle imbalances to help prevent injury.

On retiring from Sailing, Clare became a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach, and spent 6-months coaching at the NSW Institute of Sport. She then turned her attention and skills to pre- and post natal women, developing the IntoYou strength training system, and 6 Step Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor program. Clare treated the tasks of motherhood like sport, and her clients developed “next level” fitness for parenting, which both made their daily life easier, and helped prevent common demoralising injuries like incontinence. This focus led to Clare becoming the Australian and NZ Burrell Education Master Trainer.

As Burrell Education’s Australia & NZ representative, Clare travels each month to deliver these internationally accredited courses to Personal Trainers. Clare has presented at FILEX and also the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit on Mummy Moves.

Clare has two kids herself, and understands the difficulties women face, particularly keeping their pelvic floor and mental health intact. She thoroughly enjoys delivering accessible and intelligent training to women who otherwise find themselves cut off from support in fitness. She has contributed to articles in The Carousel, Northern Beaches Mums, The Love Destination, and many others!

Clare has also developed the IntoYou Adventure Training program, where clients train for a specific oversea’s adventure. She says “these trips are overwhelming for average-Joe to consider on their own. However with trust in our trainers, we can take you and your various abilities to any heights, simply by placing one foot in front of the other. The women who complete our trips are truly inspirational, having conquered their fears and physical limitations, and I take my lessons from them!” IntoYou Adventurers have cycled around Samoa, hiked the Inca Trail, mountain biked in NZ, gone camping in Cambodia, and completed two trips to Nepal! The program has since expanded to include “closer to home” Outdoor Adventures like Hiking Group, Learn to Surf, Run Club, Bootcamp, and Learn to Mountain Bike!

In 2015, inspired by her achievements with the Adventure Program, Clare became an Internationally Accredited Business Coach, with a goal to empower her female clients in their businesses as well as their physical health! Clare coaches Sole Trader women only, and has doubled her client’s customer bases in all cases in 6 sessions.

Clare’s strengths are in helping her client, whether they be a mum, a training client, or a business woman, to see the possibilities in what seems impossible. She empowers, encourages, and challenges her course participants and clients to step in to the unknown and uncertain area’s of their lives, and thrives off their successes.

More recently Clare completed her Integrative Health Practitioner certification, mostly because of the fantastic health results she got by working with a Integrative Health coach! If you’re sick of being sick, sore, or tired, then it might be time to give it a go! Clare has a small number of group coaching options and one on one coaching sessions which you can book here.