Abdominal Scar Release is BACK on a NEW LEVEL

Many of us have experienced the profound effects of Scar Release therapy on our physiology, and we are excited to announce that we are going to take it to the NEXT LEVEL from the 18th June!

Perhaps you’ve never considered this, but scars are more than just skin deep. Sometimes a simple surface scar can “spider-web” throughout your pelvis, connecting organs that didn’t used to be connected and causing blockages where there shouldn’t be. The effects of scars are long-reaching; from digestive pain, posture problems, hip, back, and knee problems, to emotional distresses – scars can contribute or be the root cause.

From the 18th June, we are delighted to offer a treatment called Chi Nei Tsang which put simply is a abdominal treatment which will soften your scars, and help align your organs too. Lyssa will use touch to unstick adhesions, promote organ function, and relieve your symptoms – it’s what we have always offered with Scar Release, plus another powerful and profound level of treatment!

Lyssa passionate about all ways of living a healthy, balanced and harmonious life. She’s been fortunate to work with some incredible teachers and elders in the community and she feel so grateful to have had access to teachings, practices and processes of wide variety of healing modalities. One common thread she has found through all aspects of the work she has studied, is the importance of abdominal health for our body, mind and spirit. It is clear that disturbances in our internal systems are directly connected to our mental and spiritual well being.

Lyssa works to help clients reconnect to the wisdom of their own bodies through yoga, bodywork and nature-based practices. Her intent is to assist this process ultimately empowering clients to connect to their bodies own unique language.

Her work includes :

  • Internal organ health (digestion, fertility, sleep related issues, anxiety, stress, menstruation related issues)

  • Core strength and stability work (pelvic floor, prolapse, stress incontinence, postpartum practices, prenatal practices, developing core strength, injury prevention)

  • Life transitions, grief, loss, change, mental health, addiction (sex, food, alcohol, drugs, work, exercise, love, codependency)

Chi Nei Tsang, which she will be practicing on a Friday afternoon, can be described as Abdominal Detox Massage, and is a method of working with the energy of the internal organs. She works with the meridian pathways, acupressure, fascial networks, and internal organs massage.

When we experience pain this is an indication that something needs to change. Whether it is a physical injury or a dysfunction in any of our internal systems (digestive, reproductive, endocrine, respiratory, lymphatic) Chi Nei Tsang + Bodywork techniques work to bring all of our systems back to balance through the movement and direction of Chi. When we restore balance and harmony internally, the same manifests externally. We are better able to handle stressful situations, our sleep improves, we have more energy and are able to move through the world with a little more ease.


For Lyssa, this is the most effective way she has found to achieve whole-istic health.

For a limited time, Lyssa is throwing in a FREE 30min, 1on1 Yoga session with your Initial CNT consult with her. The Yoga is worth $77, and the whole 2hr experience will leave you joyful, pain free, and unrestricted – Something you may not have experienced in a while! She is only in the studio on Fridays, so book early to avoid disappointment: https://IntoYou.setmore.com/LyssaBreeze

You can learn more about Lyssa on her Instagram here!

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