6 Step Restore Your Core & Pelvic Floor Program

Most of you know we now have a 6 CEC course for trainers. We developed this course after years of post natal training failed to describe how one goes from a “kegal” squeeze, to skipping with ease. That was until we met one inexhaustible Jenny Burrell (i highly recommend her blog: www.burrelleducation.com). From the start, Jenny had so much information, it was hard to sift through it, however the point came through loud and clear: you have to move if you want a pelvic floor that functions.

This idea blossomed, and over the past couple of years Madelaine and Clare have been researching; everything from articles, physiotherapy blogs, and research papers available from pubmed. The result is our 6-step program.

Before embarking on the program, we require everyone to see our Women’s Health Physio, and also go through an assessment at the studio. This is so we can measure the result.

Our experience shows that a woman suffering stress incontinence (like when you sneeze) can completely recover when taken through these steps at her pace. The program is largely based on a research paper that reports an 80% “cure” rate for women who undergo the course. And even better, you can do this while experiencing a great session! It doesn’t all have to be little squeezes and breathing!

With numbers like these, why is anyone tolerating the occasional leak?!

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