There, we’ve said it, shopping and Styling can benefit your life! Of course, we are IntoYou, and we don’t mean in a “you’ll look amazing” way. We mean in a way that boosts your self confidence, making going out easier. We mean it’ll benefit your life in a way that enhances your self worth, making it easier to stand up for yourself. Here are Charlie’s 5 Top reasons shopping with a Stylist can benefit your life!

  1. You will SAVE TIME, a couple of hours is all that’s needed. No more disappointing trips that last for hours with nothing to show at the end of it. Haven’t we all spent hours searching for that perfect dress to wear at a wedding, only to spend the day feeling awkward and uncomfortable? A stylist will help you feel gorgeous.
  2. You will SAVE MONEY, the items you buy will be right for you and add to what you already have. No more unworn clothes sitting in your closet. If you’re anything like me, you’re also shopping on the internet (see point above). My wardrobe is full of “not quite right” items that don’t feel good on!
  3. You will FEEL MORE CONFIDENT in your body and what you see once you’ve learnt how to look at your body as a whole and use the techniques given regardless of size or shape, and this feeling is life changing. Have you EVER felt confident in your body? Have you ever felt self love or satisfaction? Here’s your chance.
  4. You will TRY NEW THINGS, step outside your comfort zone with support, encouragement and understanding. As you know, this month has been aaaalllll about building confidence by being uncomfortable. Here’s a safe, constructive way to start that process!
  5. You will HAVE FUN SHOPPING because it’s stress free with no pressure. All you have to do is have an open mind and enjoy the experience. Fun is the name of the game when it comes to an improved life – fun with friends, doing chores, and finding the joy in everyday experiences is a powerful way to improve mental health.

Many women are nervous to try shopping with a stylist, plus they think it’s only for the rich and famous. I think of it as any other valuable service, if you need help with something you go to a professional right? Styling is no different.

Stylish happy women sitting on a table

Charlie can help you with feeling better about yourself and facing life with confidence

Recently, we had a client give the Wardrobe Audit and the Shopping Trip a go. She was nervous and sceptical, but also desperately unhappy with her clothes and her body. Here is her experience:
“Inviting someone into your wardrobe to check out what you’ve accumulated over the years can be really daunting.. all those $5 tshirts and one-off event outfits that are never going to go together. Charlie made the experience of reviewing what I do have and love, really calm, fun, and easy. She showed how to adjust how I wore items to make everything look better and took notes on what items to keep an eye out for in our shopping trip. Even without going shopping, I’ve been able to make so much more use out of what I have from her helpful non-judgey advice.

Going clothes shopping is one of my least favourite activities. I genuinely hate it. But going with Charlie was genuinely fun! She’d pre organised clothes to try on so there was no endless browsing and definitely reduced any need to deal with sales assistants. 2 hrs went so quickly but it was also very productive. Such great value! I never felt like I had to buy anything.. but because of what I tried on, I wanted to. Definitely give this a shot, particularly if you’re not into clothes shopping. Very cool.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

YOU are important too.

You’re mental, physical, and emotional needs aren’t being met when you devote your life exclusively to others. Your life will improve, and your relationships around you will too, when you look after your own needs first. We are not advocating a complete 180 shift from how you live now, just little bits and pieces that you do to remind yourself of your value as a human being – not just mum, wife, daughter!

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