5 Simple Hormone Hacks to Start Feeling Better Today

COVID19 has done more that physically restrict us to one area, it has also mentally restricted us! Fear and uncertainty has been shown to be WORSE for your mental health than knowing that something bad is going to happen to you, and whether we admit it or not, our brains and bodies have changed because of the situation. More on this here.

Today, i want to give you some cool hormone hacks that will start to change your brain’s chemistry to cope better, feel happier, and achieve a greater sense of LIFE satisfaction.

  1. Stand up straight (generally) and power pose (before meetings or things that scare you). The Power Pose has been shown to increase your confidence, where a slumped posture has been linked with depression – faking it really does trigger the hormones that helps you make it! Watch Amy Cuddy talk about non-verbal behaviors here. You only need 2min per day (alone in a room) to get the hormonal benefits of these poses!
  2. Fake that smile – similar to the above, smiling (whether you mean it or not), will impact your hormones and help you feel good!
  3. Touch – within the guidelines of course. Simple touches of affection, hugs, and other positive physical contacts is powerful for Oxytocin release, your “connection and relationship” hormone, and it also increases your immune system by boosting your T Cell production!
  4. Balance slow time with fast times. Being “busy”, stressed at work, and tough workouts are fantastic in the short term, but extremely detrimental to your health in the long term. If you’re going to be busy/stressed/do tough workouts then you need to balance them with doing nothing, meditation, or yoga – whatever works for you. The “down” time helps bring the hormones that rise during stressful experiences down to neutral again – allowing you the benefits of short term stress without the health detriments of long term stress!
  5. See water. Living near water has been shown to reduce depression and stress, with the minerals in sea air specifically aiding melatonin production, necessary for a good night’s sleep, and aiding relaxation!

Women in particular are prone to stress, as we pile on the responsibilities for everyone else’s health and wellness at the expense of our own! The volume of stress hormones in your body is a predictor for cardiovascular disease years later. In America, heart disease is the leading cause of death in women – managing our stress is so f*cking important! To take these hacks seriously, all you need to do is plan how you will integrate them in to your daily life, then stick with it for a month to make it a habit!

Let us know how you go!

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