5 Reasons why you Should “Get Involved” at your Local Sports Club, including the Gym!

For many people, sport, exercise, and physical activities are a way of life, a habit, and something they’ve always done. More and more, however, we see people who view exercise as an additional chore to complete each day, another “box” to tick, and something they have to do. For some, they’ll come to gym the gym, complete the same program day in and day out, on the same days, in the same order, and wonder why they hate exercising so much! Little do they realise that there are fantastic reasons and wonderful pay offs when you get stuck in and participate on a larger scale!

  1. Social time! Adherence to exercise is vastly improved when you do it with a friend. Multiply this by a number of FRIEND’S and you’ve got a multiple more reasons to get off your butt and in to the gym or sports club! If you’ve been participating in this sport since birth (thanks mum and dad) then this won’t be an issue, so make the newbies feel welcome!! Many of our groups, whether it is an IntoMum session or Hiking Group, will stay on afterwards to chat and connect over coffee. This social support is valuable for your exercise adherence success.
  2. Networking! Training with a hodge-podge group of different people with a common interest, either your sport or your gym, is a fantastic way to develop relationships and encourage referrals. People who know you, understand what you do, and like you, will be more inclined to think of you when an opportunity comes up. Moreover, 9 out of 10 people actually prefer to buy from local small business than from large companies, so use your friends to get the word out there!
  3. Integrating Sport or the Gym into your lifestyle will take the activity off your chore list! When the business and personal benefits outshine the routine, you can enjoy the company without focusing on the repetition. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to train with someone who constantly changes the routine, then that’s not an issue anyway! On the “lifestyle” note, routine is important because it sticks as a habit, and habits last a lifetime. In fact, children that exercise routinely become healthier adults. If you want to “break the chain” of inactivity in your family, then you have to lead the way!
  4. Exercise without thinking about exercise. When you are socially involved, or participating in a sport that you enjoy, the time will pass while you’re focused on your friend’s story of the weekend, or who’s tackling who, or who is outperforming their usual level this week. An external focus from the drudgery of the “same old” exercise routine will improve your enjoyment of the exercise, even if the activity remains the same. In personal training, we call this a “task driven” cue – where we give you a job, rather than time, sets, or repetitions.
  5. Variety!! When you’re involved with the sport, people, and culture of a club, there are numerous small changes that occur daily. Whether you’re catching up with people, hearing the latest news, involved in club development, or learning new skills, these will change on a day-to-day basis. This makes your sessions far more interesting and motivating and means you’re more likely to stick around!

Many people in sports clubs have an intuitive understanding of the above points, but we believe that all this can also be created in a gym environment, and we attempt to nurture it through our Business Mums program, Outdoor sports groups, and our Overseas Adventure programs. If you love watching a sport, like soccer, netball, or sailing, you can also do a quick search of local amateur clubs and get involved on a social and casual level. All of these avenues create opportunities to meet people, try new things, and exercise without it becoming a chore!

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