5 Outside Exercise Ideas

I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but i struggle to cloister myself inside a gym when the weather is like it is this week in Sydney! All i want to do is get outside and feel the sunshine, sand, and ocean! We do our best at IntoYou with the enormous windows and outside areas, but what other options are there to double up your exercise with outdoor time?

  1. Learn a watersport: stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, and sailing are all legit watersports that will get your heart pumping and exercise your muscles. Most suburbs around Sydney will have a club offering one or the other, and often there are opportunities for adult lessons! I know that Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club offers free sailing lessons and windsurfing lessons, all you have to do is join the club! You also have the opportunity to learn to surf with us from 10th Feb at 8am!
  2. Swim: I have started swimming instead of walking, although walking could also be considered a great outdoor activity (see next point)! Swimming is an enormously fun activity if you want to get wet, get fit, but are not confident with the watersports above. There are also many health benefits to swimming, many in common with swimming and other exercise, but without the impact on your pelvic floor and bones.
  3. Walk: If you can’t run, then walk! Walking loads the bones, so if great for prevention and slowing the onset of osteoporosis. It is also a great aerobic exercise for general health. If it isn’t intense enough for you, try doing it on the soft sand, or up hills and stairs! Hiking Group with the gym will take you to hidden local trails and weekend adventures out of Sydney!
  4. Join a sports club or local competition: similar to learning a watersport, there are numerous opportunities to join a sports club in every locality. From run groups, to triathalon clubs, to cycling, bootcamp, and OzTag, there will be a game, sport, or activity that suits you, near you! On Sydney’s Northern Beaches alone, you can find Manly Running Club, Warringah Triathalon Club, Manly Oz Tag, Northern Beaches Touch, and Northern Suburbs Ultimate Frisbee!
  5. Take advantage of the wealth of free online programs: these are available all over the internet, and many can be performed in your backyard or local park with minimal equipment. I would like to emphasise though, that many are also inappropriate for deep core or any other kind of injury! To be on the safe side, IntoYou’s FREE online programs often have an option for people with hernia, diastasis, or pelvic floor dysfunction.

So when the weather is SENSATIONAL get outside and enjoy it! There is multiple opportunities to train, socialise, and get outside this summer!

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