45min Session Trial for 2018

Stop Press! We never thought we could shake Clare from her conviction that a 30min session  is plenty long for personal training, and for a few good reasons:

  1. Any longer than 20-25min doing high intensity exercise can increase your stress hormones and sabotage your weight loss efforts
  2. Because 30min is plenty to achieve the same or similar results as longer and easier sessions
  3. Because mums are BUSY and 30min is easy (er) to fit in to a school day
  4. Because it’s cheaper

Exercise to Music Example

However, she has been convinced to increase the time of the Saturday sessions, so the reasons must be EXCELLENT!

  1. We can do more in 45min, like spend time on releasing, where we normally rush though it during the week
  2. Most of the time the mums are kid-less on a Saturday, which means they can languish in the luxury of NOT being at someone’s beck and call for an extra 15min
  3. Because many of our mums are used to a 30min session, 45min is going to throw a spanner in to their fitness!
  4. We are opening these sessions to men and women, capped at 5 per session, at NO EXTRA COST to our existing groupies
  5. The sessions are specialised, and the extra time will be useful when explaining techniques or concepts.

Learn to Lift

Despite being specialised sessions, they will continue to be deep core safe. This means that you can come along with your hernia, low back pain, abdominal surgery (minimum 6wks post), etc. and we will look after your body! Keep in mind that “deep core safe” does NOT = EASY exercise! You will be challenged, and your body will change, it’s exciting!

The sessions are on trial from the 6th October until 16th December (inclusive). If they’re popular, we will resume them in Feb 2019. To ensure they stay on the calendar, you have to book in! You can either swap an existing booking, or enrol here.

Saturday Timetable:

7.30am Learn to Lift

8.15am Exercise to Music

9am Pilates, Release, Movement

Perhaps not massage, but feeling like you’ve had one after the Pilates, Movement, Release session!  

Weekly Timetable:


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