4 Fantastic Uses of Apple Sauce

I found myself with 5 floury green apples a couple of weeks ago, and being the frugal person that i am, i wanted to use them rather than throw them away.

I had successfully stewed excess strawberries the week before, and unloaded them over frozen yoghurt on my willing family, so i started with that! Home made apple sauce.


  • 5 diced green apples
  • about 2cm water in a small saucepan (don’t submerge the apples)
  • very low heat until soft
  • blend with a bar mix (water and all)

Not submerging the apples is important, so that they do not become too runny when blended into a sauce. Low heat is also important, as we want to destroy as little nutrition as possible. Blending in the water you cook them in is also important, as some of the nutrient content ends up there, so you keep it when you keep the water.

Armed with  copious amounts this delightful apple sauce, i then proceeded to find creative ways to use it;

  1. Chia Pudding: using the same principles as Chia pudding in almond milk (1 part Chia to 3 parts milk, soak overnight), i made a sweet & gelatinous pudding for Evie’s treats.
  2. As a sweetener: we used it in her porridge, and replaced sugar for it in her muffins (follow us on instagram for the recipe: intoyousfs), muesli bars, and pancakes!
  3. Sauce: we drizzled it over frozen yoghurt for dessert, and also over her slices of pork and veges at dinner time.
  4. Paddle pops: in a 4-block home-made paddle pop container, i made two apple sauce ice blocks, and mixed another two with natural yoghurt to make ice creams.

Eating healthy does not mean missing out. These creative ideas are simple and easy to execute, and mean that you and your little one can enjoy sweet treats.


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