300 Calorie Workout in 30min

The purpose of this workout is to move quickly from exercise to exercise. Everyone can do this twice in 30min – the real challenge is to squeeze three sets in…

You want to be puffing too hard to talk. The plus side is that your metabolism keeps burning from 20min after the session, which is a lot like getting two for the price of one!
Warm up well, then hit the exercises flat out, as the Virgin Active crew say: we’re gonna workout!
1) Jump Chin up and Push up: 20 reps
Alternating these two exercises uses all muscles in the upper body, as well as gets the heart rate flying!
Low impact version is TRX or bar pull up with push up.
The point is to be changing levels (up and down) as quickly as possible.
2) Bounce step ups x 20 on one leg, alternated with 50 skipping, repeat on the other legs, with another 50 skipping
The skipping is obviously there to “spike” your heart rate. It is up to you to keep it high with the other exercises, by moving quickly between them.
A low impact version (not show here) would be walking lunges. Chose the lunges if you have any pelvic floor, foot/ankle, or lower back injury.
3) Partnered Lie-Down and Get Up: 20 reps alternated with 20 “high fives” also in partners
“high five” can be done as a plank (pictured) or from a hover (on elbows). The hover is harder on your abs, and the plank is harder for the arms.
4) Wood Chop alternated with Tyre Flip: 20 wood chops either side, and as many tyre flips as you can in the time it takes your partner to do the wood chops.
Make sure you keep your back straight and “bounce” the mallet off the tyre.
Try to squat rather than bend over, when flipping the tyre.
Throw it, rather than stepping with it and walking it over.
You can turn it into a competition, where s/he who flips the tyre the most wins – this will inspire the wood chopper to go quickly as well.


Enjoy your workout!

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