2025 Gym Trip Options

Our original plans of hiking the Milford Track in 2025 were blown apart in 6 minutes – that’s how long it took to sell out! So we have compiled a list of options that sound E X C I T I N G!! The figures and timelines are all ballpark – we’ll go in to details and quote a price and date once we know which trip is The One! All “ballpark” figures include 12 weeks of training, training calls, and individualized training plans, and the due date to vote is 30th June 2024. While you’re not committing to coming if you vote, please only vote if you are seriously considering it.

You can vote on the IntoYou Adventurers Facebook Group.

  1. West Coast Wilderness Trail, NZ
    We’ll be riding the 4-day West Coast Wilderness trail in stages, plus some important little side trails – including Lake Kaniere, the Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki, and Lake Brunner in Moana. It’s 8 days riding, with an orientation day at the start, a rest day in the middle, and a RnR day at the end, plus transit days.
    12-14 days total
    8 days riding (supported, 30-60km per day)
    11-13 nights accommodation
    Van hire/transport
    April or September 2025
    BALLPARK: $3100 (BYO bike – bike hire can be arranged)
  2. Rail Trails, NZ
    All of them. There are four. The advantage of a rail trail is it’s usually flatter and firmer, which means you can use any old bike.
    The Otago Trail will take us 4-5 days, Dunstan Lake we’ll do in one, Clutha Gold trail we’ll do in 2 days, and Roxburgh Gorge is just one day too. 8-9 days riding, with a prep day, transit days, a rest day in the middle, and at least one RnR day at the end.
    12-14 days total
    8 days riding (supported, 30-60km per day)
    11-13 nights accommodation
    Van hire/transport
    April or September 2025
    BALLPARK: $3100 (BYO bike – bike hire can be arranged)
  3. Hike Malaysia
    These trails are just some of the options, with another being Kuala Koh National Park.
    These hikes will be guided, and transport and logistics outsourced. We’ll only need daypacks.
    14 days total
    6-9 days hiking
    13 nights accommodation
    Guides and transfers
    Feb, June, or July 2025
    BALLPARK: $3400
  4. Hump Ridge & Rakiura Track’s, NZ
    Each trail is about 3 days, and we’ll have at least one rest day and one transit day between each hike. We’ll be carrying all our own gear for these hikes, including food, bedding, and cooking implements. We will sleep in huts, though!
    12-14 days total
    6-7 days hiking (with heavy packs, 10-20km per day)
    11-13 nights accommodation (motels & lodges – basic)
    Van hire/transport
    April or September 2025
    BALLPARK: $2900
  5. Cape to Cape, WA
    132km across Western Australia’s coast.
    10-14 days total
    7 days hiking (daypacks, 20-25km per day, up to 7km on soft sand)
    9-13 nights accommodation (including 7 nights at a beachside resort)
    Transfers- including airport and Perth to Margaret River
    November 2025
    BALLPARK: $3500
  6. 2wk portion off el Camino
    Starting Astorga or O Cebreiro and finishing in Santiago, some of the route will be completed by taxi and bus. Despite this, we’ll still have to walk 17-20 km per day, for 14 days!
    16-20 days total
    15 days hiking (daypacks, 17-20km per day)
    15-19 nights accommodation (motels & lodges – basic)
    March/April or September/October 2025
    BALLPARK: $5750

These trips are a wonderful opportunity to train for a reason, overcome uncertainty and fulfil one of those elusive bucket list items that we never get around to ticking off. While they sometimes can be hard, there’s nothing quite like the sense of pride and self worth that you feel when you finish an event like this!


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