2021 Adventure Program

2020 has been a long, nerve-wracking year, and we are super excited put it behind us and look forward to 2021! The 2021 Adventure Program has been written, with some old stuck chucked out, popular programs tweaked and kept in, two completely new programs included!

The purpose of Adventure Saturdays is to get you moving differently, ramping some things up, and other things down, or as Clare likes to say “poke a stick at it”. The body LOVES variety, and variety is what we are dishing up in the 2021 Adventure Program! If you’re on our 4x IntoMum session membership, you get all these programs for FREE ($75/wk, not including weekend’s away). All of these programs are currently available to purchase at early bird rates!

JANUARY: First cab off the rank is the 2nd block of Summer Camp, 8am Saturdays (with coffee afterwards) from 16th Jan for 6wks. Summer camp borrows from Bootcamp, but without the punish, and with games, laughter, and connection as priority!

FEBRUARY: There’s a little overlap, when Surfing Group starts on the 13th Feb, also 8am Saturdays. Surf sessions are basically team meetings to get wet and have fun. You can bring your kids, a boogie board, knee board, foamie, or you can bring your fibreglass surfboard and sit out the back watching us fall off our boards! This is not an organised, professional lesson, just an opportunity to participate in a water sport for FUN! This program goes for 12 weeks, and includes a Surf & Yoga weekend away in April (you do not have to participate in the Yoga but you can if you want to!).

MARCH: 20th March heralds our first every Yoga intensive. 12 weeks of different kinds of Yoga, 4pm Saturdays for 12 weeks, including a weekend away with the Surfing Group in April (you do not have to surf or swim, but you can if you want to!). You’ll finish this program with a solid idea of what Yoga suits you and your body, and we can help you find a practitioner that offers what you need if we don’t already!

MAY: Strength and Conditioning Supercharge... similar to the old Saturday Learn to Lift IntoMum, but different! This program is a lifting and releasing masterclass – incorporating deep core protection techniques, coaching in proper technique, and your very own pin code to practise on Sundays.

AUGUST: Our most popular program by far, Hiking Group is back in August 2021 for 13 weeks, culminating in our 2nd attempt to complete the Cape to Cape in WA!

NOVEMBER: Cape to Cape in Western Australia!!! There is no better year to explore Australia, but don’t worry, we will also have a Plan B if COVID foils us yet again! Laura and the team at Journey Outdoors in Nature are already working on it for us, and we will complete the Plan B trip in 2022 if we do finally get to WA! We are currently taking expressions of interest for this adventure, email clare@into-you.com.au to put your name on the list!

In addition, Jade’s Restore Your Core in 6-Months Program is half price until the end of the year. This is a fabulous opportunity to refocus on your deep core, and bring it up to the same speed and strength as the rest of your body. The deadline keeps you accountable, and even if yous stretch it out longer, you get 6 one-on-one PT sessions with Jade for only $197

Charlie will still be Styling & Self Esteem Coaching 1on1 in 2021, and you can buy gift vouchers for your loved ones who need a self esteem boost. Feel satisfied with your body will make it easier for you to lose weight, perform at work, and feel happier with your life – it is more than looking good, gift FEELING good this Christmas! We already have a date for our next group shopping trip, and you can book her all to yourself and bring a friend for free!

We look forward to adventuring with you again in 2021!

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