2021 & 2022 Adventure Program

2021 Adventure Wrap Up

Well, COVID has spoiled another year but we have got through it together! We managed to run all our programs, but had to modify our Strength and Conditioning Supercharge and Hiking Group to meet restrictions. Our trip to WA has been rescheduled to May, and our entire team is already vaccinated in our eagerness to be allowed in!

Hiking Group has gone ahead, and is in it’s last month. We have a GPS tracking app that allows us to keep track of the team without being within physical proximity of eachother, and have repeated hikes so our participants to to know where they’re going. It’s been good socialising without sharing particles, and nice to catch up with someone new each week!

Our Hapkido Inspired boxing, kicking, and self defence workshop will move outdoors from 16th October for it’s last 3 weeks. We will share the recorded sessions in The Life Enhancement Project later in the year, if you’d like to give it a go, but be careful because you’ll have no-one checking your technique. If we run this next year, it will be around June/July. If you’re keen to give it a go before then, Northern Beaches Hapkido run a women’s only session at 930am Wednesdays. Enquire here.

With possible lockdowns in our future, we have also modified our plans for the end of the year, and the whole of next year!

2022 Adventure Program

These new and interesting ways of movement are important for our minds and bodies in so many ways. Moving differently effectively “unsticks” us from our regimented “normal” ways of moving, and gives us a lot more freedom, and therefore less risk of injury, than if we don’t challenge ourselves. It is also fantastic for our brains, helping increase connections and complexity of our neural networks, slowing the onset or preventing neural disease as we age. This is especially important for women, as we loose the protective benefits of Oestrogen once we transition through menopause.

If you’re nervous about trying something new, talk to your trainer about whether she thinks the program you’re interested would be good for you. Usually, we can modify it to suit everyone, because we know you all so well!

Summer Camp

This program will run Saturdays at 8am for two, 6-week blocks!

Block 1 from the 13th November; Block 2 from the 22nd Jan 2022!

Summer camp is about FUN exercise, get puffed and work out without noticing, because you’re having so much fun! We aim to play games that will get your mind out of the hum-drum, everyday stressors of a pandemic, and bring blessed mental relief in the form of laughter, friendship, and play. Bring the kids, bring the dog, and bring a playful attitude! Suitable for beginners through to advanced fitness! Laughter is priority number 1 in this program! These sessions are open to vaccinated people only until 1st December (according to NSW government restrictions).

Hiking group

Round two of Hiking Group takes place Saturdays at 8am from 19th Feb – 7th May inclusive (12 weeks).

This program includes a weekend away (23rd April – at the Six Foot Track Eco Lodge). Get in early, as places are limited in the Eco Lodge, and if you miss out you’ll be camping!

Immerse yourself in the bush and enjoy all the mental health benefits nature provides. The program culminates in our 2022 Gym Trip – the Cape to Cape in Western Australia, but you don’t have to be coming with us to participate! Early Bird ends 12th Feb, 2022!

2022 Gym Trip

Cape to Cape trek in Western Australia! This will be our third time attempting this trip in the midst of COVID! We have 1 place left to fill, but can open it up to up to 5 additional people if you want to bring a friend or partner (we will just hire a bigger van!).

This hike has it all, pristine white beaches, forest, windswept headlands, and a driver to take us to all the Margaret River wineries! 14th – 25th May, we will be partnering with the Move for Mental Health team to raise money for the Gidget Foundation! Deposit due 1st February, 2022, and includes Hiking Group in the package!

Obstacle Racing Inspired Bootcamp

Our Obstacle Racing Inspired Bootcamp is about DIFFERENT: moving differently, through, under, and over different shapes, textures, and physical requirements – this session is about brain and body development! Aug 20th – Nov 5th inclusive at 8am Saturdays, with the opportunity to compete in a Mud Run, Spartan Race, or Tough Mudder at the end (we are just awaiting the 2022 Obstacle Racing program and then we’ll let you know).

What this program is NOT about is punishment. You will not be flogged (unless you do it to yourself), yelled at, or forced to do anything you’re uncomfortable with… that’s right, we are going out of your comfort zone comfortably !!

Surfing Group

Unfortunately, we don’t have a qualified instructor to run Surfing Group next year. Jade is still on leave and Clare will be running Hiking Group, and none of the other trainers hold their bronze medallion (and therefore wouldn’t be insured to run the session, or have the right skills to save you if you get in trouble!). It will be back in 2023.

There are also no plans to revive the Strength and Conditioning Supercharge, or Yoga Intensive in 2022. If you love these programs, talk to your trainer and we can put  call-out for interest, then schedule a session just for YOU!

Monday night Yoga has taken a hit throughout COVID and instructor disruptions, too. However Lyssa will be taking over from December. Lyssa is a master instructor, teacher trainer, and all over extraordinary human. She has her Power Plate certification as well as pre and post natal yoga instruction, so you are in safe and brilliant hands!

With the uncertainty of the future, most programs are limited in number, so please book your place early! We look forward to hopping, skipping, jumping, kicking, laughing, hitting, swimming, giggling, playing, spotting, hiking, loving, and splashing with you in person!

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