2020 New Logo, New Mission, Same Direction #intoyoulife

Most of you would have noticed our new socials @IntoYouLife and perhaps are wondering what that meant… basically we have crystallized everything we are trying to achieve in our 30 min sessions in 2020 in to one idea. A mission to change your life. Not because it’s a pretty cliche, but because it’s true. We have decided that we don’t care about how you look, but we do care about how you LIVE, and this is a major divergence from the general personal training culture – who are still “changing lives” by losing body fat.

We believe you are valuable even with those few extra kilos. We believe it is the quality of your life experience that is important, not how your life looks. We believe that you are worthy, even if you never drop  a kilo. Because there’s so much more to life than that!

There’s being able to lift your child out of a cot without back pain.

There’s being continent.

There’s being fit enough to climb to Everest Base Camp.

There’s learning to surf and catching waves right beside you 8 year old.

There’s coughing without herniating a disc.

There’s weaning off your medications for diabetes and blood pressure, or never experiencing those things!

There’s friends, laughs, and experiences to be had.

Our mission, is to enhance your life’s journey – that is, we mean to bring something MORE to your life, not take away. To achieve this we differ majorly from regular personal trainers, as we will never take away what brings you joy. No restrictive diets, no missing out on LIFE!

We aim to achieve this mission by sharing our knowledge – education is everything. The only way you understand what we are doing and why is by us explaining it to you, but it also works in reverse. By sharing our knowledge, and justifying our decisions, we have to ensure that we KNOW WHY we are choosing a particular exercise! This means that we THINK about what we are doing! and why we are doing it! We primarily strength train in our 1on1 sessions because it’s empowering to feel strong, but we do it with “compound” movements, because lots of muscles means you also elevate your heart rate, and we also do it in movements that mimic your life – because the stronger you get in these movements, the easier your life is.

We aim to achieve our mission by making it fun – because a relaxed, socialized, and happy person will have a better life than a stressed, skinny one. Making you laugh, play, and socialise has a massive impact on your healthy, happy hormones, which can prevent a litany of diseases (such as heart disease), improve mental health, balance your hormones, and ironically… make it easier for you to lose body fat! Our massage offering is now a huge part of the “fun” side of things, as we harness some very talented ladies “healing hands” to balance your hormones for the better. If we can “reset” you, we build resilience and a peaceful state of mind. Are you a better parent when you’re rushed and stressed? or when you’re relaxed and have had some “me” time? Our 30 min SOOTHE ME massages are specifically for YOU and your lifestyle, and at the moment they’re only $55 (until Jan 31st)!

We create opportunities to travel, try new sports, learn new skills to keep your brains healthy and slow the onset (or prevent all together) the onset of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. These opportunities to move your body differently, and have new experiences is also life enhancing, as it builds confidence when you achieve something new! And a confident person will have a better life than someone riddled with insecurity! Look no further than our Adventure Program to get in among this! In 2020 we will be launching Summer Camp – bootcamp without the punish, and bringing back Learn to Surf for anyone on any kind of board – kids and esky lids included!

We work hard towards balance and happiness – because the extreme end of anything isn’t healthy. We’ll help you lose weight until you’re in the healthy range, but no lower. We’ll help you get strong! We’ll help you eat for health, and drink for happiness! We don’t believe in absolutes in diet or exercise plans, preferring instead to “tweak” things as they are, building on each success, until you’re bouncing with vitality and confidence! For this reason we encourage you to bring the kids – because the kids need to see that you’re important too! And there’s nothing more powerful than the two of you doing something that you enjoy together! We also use styling to help you “see” yourself, not to look good for others, but to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy what you see. The skeptics among you won’t believe it to be true, but we developed the idea using research from Harvard University… so don’t knock it til you try it!

We coach. We don’t dictate. We are sunshine and bubbles and brains, not punishment and humiliation.

If you want to experience the IntoYou Life, book in for free at https://intoyou.setmore.com (complimentary session), OR, if you are already a member, give your gift certificate that you got in your Christmas Pack to someone special that could benefit from non-judgmental, positive health training!


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