2019 Adventure Calendar

Once again 2019 promises to be as exciting and as full of experiences as 2018, and every year before it! This year we have FIVE stellar programs and one very ambitious overseas adventure.

We kick off in February with Surfing Group, a program that builds fitness as well as strength, and gives you a new lease on life as you get used to getting wet and participating in beach sports, instead of sitting and watching! If you can’t make it every week, you can purchase single sessions here. We will help you get the hang of this new skill whether you choose to do it on a body board, knee board or surfboard. Beginners and intermediate will be in the whitewater, while those of you who can stand up will learn to catch unbroken waves. Early bird prices end on the 1st Feb.

Off the back of Surfing Group we go straight in to Run Club, which includes your entry in to the Pub2Pub. Again, single sessions are available here and go straight to our charity, Seven Women. Run Club is not just for runners. We believe in creating opportunity, so will train you for walking, or learn to run too. We structure the sessions in loops and intervals, so the advanced runners are flogged and the learners are able to keep up, all in the same space and time! Early Bird for Run Club ends 15th May.

We start Road Cycling on the 28th July, the week after Pub2Pub. We will be holding this session at 6am on a Sunday to avoid the nasty Sydney drivers as much as possible. Sunday mornings at dawn are a popular time for cycling, and there’s safety in numbers, especially when some of our participants are new to cycling. It is another 12 week program that includes a spin session every week on a Wind Trainer that is included in the package price! We will also teach you how to care for your bike and some basic maintenance. Six of our Cycling Group participants will be heading to Tasmania at the end of this training group to cycle the west coast! Early Bird for this event ends 14th July.

Hiking Group is our most popular event each year, and this year we will run it from 31st August until the 2nd November with a weekend away on the October Long Weekend. Your package deal includes accommodation for this weekend, and can range from camping to a motel or share house, depending on the number of people who wish to participate. You can book single sessions here, but keep in mind that you’ll have to arrange your own accommodation for the weekend away! Early Bird for Hiking Group ends 15th August.

This year will culminate in the Bootcamp Intensive again. Two sessions each week and a Beach Bootcamp Party to celebrate Christmas, the End of Year, and another fantastic year of adventures. You can train just Wednesdays, or just Saturdays, and we will throw the rest of the package in when you purchase all 6 weeks + the party!! Early Bird for Bootcamp will end on the 1st November, and for our Christmas Party only, the 7th November 2019.

For all of our Adventure Training groups, your children 16yrs and under can participate with you for FREE. In fact, we actively encourage it! Let them see what you can do! Let them see how amazing you are! Let them try it for themselves and find out for themselves! Alternatively, you can also have a rest from parenting for an hour a week 😉

We are looking forward to another positive year ahead!

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