2017 Hikers Have Started Training a WHOLE YEAR EARLY!!

This week we saw a good number of our 2017 hikers hit the gym to start training for our most ambitious gym trip yet; Everest Base Camp. We don’t go until November 2017, almost a whole year away, but we know that we have a lot of work to do to achieve our conquest next year.



Our 2017 hikers have their own pin code for a full year, and our weigh session is a lot more fun than this year’s program! Our poor 2016 group literally did 100’s of 1000’s of step ups in every conceivable way – at best it was mind-numbing, at worst totally bats#%t boring. We have a step class uploaded to the TV in the studio this year, and even though fumble and can’t exactly keep up, the combination of music and trying to keep up make for a more interesting session. Plus, no-one is counting to 100 ten times….

2016-03-20 09.18.36 IMG_5802

We plan to change the step program every 3 months, use altitude masks (even though the science is a little sketchy – they’ll do us wonders physiologically, and we’ll take every advantage we can get), and walk daily. From August 2017 you’ll be able to join us as we explore local off-trail hikes and head to the Blue Mountains and West Head.

2016-12-16-14-19-17 2016-12-15-11-21-28

In other news, we have our last Mountain Bike Session for 2016 on Thursday, Pipeline trail from Beacon Hill. We resume on the 5th January with a skills session at Seaforth, and finish up on the 25th Feb in Canberra – Mt Stromlo Mtn Bike Park. We have a couple of experienced riders in our group, and a couple of raw beginners, so are careful to chose trails that everyone can manage for most of the way. We also have a discounted package available – just rides – if you want to join in a little later!


As always, we encourage you to try new things! If we are not doing them yet, then put your order in!!


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