2017 Gym Trips – A Year Of Adventure!

So 2017 is certainly gearing up to be the year of adventures, with our first year of two overseas adventures!

Adventure one is our Hawaii Sports Fest. This will most likely be held in the final two weeks of August (20th – Sep 2). The trip will cost around $4500 including 12 weeks of training sessions, 12 weeks of gym membership and training programs, flights, accommodation, and sports. The sports are likely to be windsurfing, hiking, snorkelling, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, and sailing. The training would involve lessons in these sports (mostly on Narrabeen Lake), and you may need to hire your boats or boards from the Jamieson Park Hire Centre. The idea of this adventure is to get your body moving differently, and to try new things. It would be awesome if you learned a new skill that you didn’t know before, or that you didn’t think  possible!

Adventure two is taking us back to Nepal, to do our bit to aid their recovery after the earthquake. We are going to enlist Binod from Hike Nepal again, as he did such a sensational job on our last trip! This time we are going to trek to Everest Base Camp (not summit)! This is a 9 day trek and goes to around 5000m. The price point for this one will be around $3500 and take place in the last two weeks of November 2017. The package includes 12 weeks of training, 12 weeks of gym membership and programs, domestic and international flights, accommodation, guides, porters, permits, and food during the trek.

You can read about this year’s adventure here: https://into-you.com.au/portfolio-item/hike-nepal-gym-trip-2016/

You can also read about our participant’s experiences on our blog: Sandra, Di, Jen, & Babs.

We have set up Facebook events for anyone who is interested! Click on the above links to mark yourself as “interested” and stay in the loop!


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